Educative agreement. Belgrano University + Image Campus

On Friday, December 20, 2019, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the Universidad de Belgrano Foundation and Image Campus. The Study Houses decide to "promote the development of technical, cultural, educational and community cooperation between their respective institutions, through the expansion of their contacts and actions." Likewise, within the framework of shared activities “in the areas of teaching, research, professional practice and extension”, the First Diploma in Augmented Reality was announced, starting in April 2020, which will be taken at both institutions.

Signing of the Educational Agreement. Belgrano University + Image Campus

Prof. Aldo J. Pérez, Vice President of Institutional Management and Mg. Marcela Porto, Executive Director, for the Univ. Of Belgrano and Eduardo Egidio Miretti, General Director of Image Campus. They accompanied the signature, Mg. Ing. Alberto Guerci, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology of the Univ. Of Belgrano and Dr. Gabriela R. Cicalese, Director of Academic Development of Image Campus.