Project: Boss Fight VR

Powered by the IMAGE CAMPUS Incubator, it is the first phase of development of an immersive experience, generated entirely in Virtual Reality, through Unreal Engine.

This story takes place in a dark universe, in which we embody the struggle of the last soul that still resists and is willing to end the tyrant regime that crushes the freedom of a remote kingdom and all its inhabitants.

The objective is to dethrone the Sovereign ...
The cruel Tyrant, rests on his throne. To get there, you must go through a gigantic cursed bastion, populated by ancient horrors and cryptic spells, if you can get there in one piece, the most brutal combat of your life awaits you.

Infiltrate a dark palace

To access the final confrontation, you must survive the dangers of the environment.

Go beyond the apparent

The only way to find the truth is to be able to see what does not exist with the naked eye.

Reunite with the dead

Try to escape from the condemned who inhabit the compound, they hate visits.

Main ingredients

  • Virtual reality
  • Puzzles and Riddles
  • Mysterious Scenarios
  • Brutal Enemies
  • Magical Artifacts


The participants in this first IMAGE CAMPUS incubation project have decided to form a development group focused on creating games and immersive experiences through Virtual Reality and Unreal Engine.

Furthermore, our intention on this journey is to invite all regional content creators, whose works have not yet found their digital transmigration to participate in the creation of these universes.

Hernán Horacio Basso

Technical Artist

Programmer, Technical Artist, Unreal Engine Instructor.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Agustin Carrivale

Artist 3D

3D Artist, Teacher.
Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Pablo Sanchez


Indie game developer.
Santa Fe, Argentina.

Juan Riera

Concept Art

Plastic Artist, Sculptor and Teacher.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Roy Magariños

Executive producer

Video Game Producer - Digital Product Strategy.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ezequiel Baldrich

Sound and music design

Musician, composer, teacher.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hernan Fernandez

Animator - Rig

3D Generalist, Teacher.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lucio Anselmi

Production - Game Design

3D Artist - Audiovisual Production.
Buenos Aires. Argentina.
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