Incubated Projects

Boss Fight VR

Development Powered by the IMAGE CAMPUS "IC-CUBE" Incubator, consists of a Virtual Reality Technical Demo built on Unreal Engine 4.
The experience takes place within a fantastic universe, where the player must make his way through the use of his ingenuity, with the aim of accessing the final confrontation with the villain of this story.

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Payloaders Strike!

Video game "First person shooter / hack & slash" for PC developed by students and graduates of Image Campus promoted by the IC Cube Incubator. It is a frantic game where you will play ASI-MOV, an old construction robot full of anger and thirst for revenge. With the help of a talking virus and excessive violence, they will fight for robot “civil” rights against the city's security forces.

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Action and Puzzles video game for PC and consoles developed by students and graduates of Image Campus promoted by the IC Cube Incubator. The game takes us on the journey of the "tempomancer" through a land full of mysteries. Throughout his adventure, he will discover the secrets that the magic of each place hides, facing all kinds of danger through time.

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Chronicles of the Liberators

Chronicles of the Liberators is a turn-based strategy game for PC, in development in Unity, set in scenarios of the South American independence campaigns of the 30th century. The Digi Learnnials team is made up of several Image Campus graduates and teachers and aims to create an ambitious game that mixes Advance Wars mechanics with the narrative style of Valiant Hearts over more than XNUMX levels that span almost two decades of history.

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What is IC-Cube?

On the 22nd Anniversary of Image Campus and with the intention of continuing to innovate and add value to the industry, we are pleased to present to the community the launch of IC-Cube, the first incubator in Argentina focused on entertainment and technology projects. disruptive.

The system allows a mixed modality of incubation between IMAGE CAMPUS and companies in the sector, which favors projects that represent the ideas and dreams of our community of students, graduates and professors, who together make up a true powerhouse of creativity and talent.

We seek to promote entrepreneurship and accompany ideas with the potential to transform themselves into projects that enrich the local and international ecosystem.

Edward E. Miretti
Chief Executive Officer

Facundo Mounes, director of the Incubator, tells you everything you need to know to apply to your projects.

Facundo Mounes is a Video Game Designer, Producer and Consultant. With 20 years in the industry, he has led design teams (Jam City), worked with communities (FundAV, Global Game Jam), and produced and incubated video games for publication (Inca Games). 
His goal at IC-Cube is to elevate the excellence of the Image Campus ecosystem, helping projects reach their goal.

IC-Cube & IGDA (Incubation SIG)


Incubation SIG (Special Interest Group) is an initiative promoted by several incubators around the world to exchange resources among themselves, formed under the wing of IGDA (International Game Developers Association), of which Image Campus is a partner. On the board of this group, Facundo Mounes volunteers as part of the committee in the position of leader of the Latin American region.