Implement the Audio of a Video Game

(Eugenio Taboada)

The workshop proposes that you choose, among a series of existing audio material, the design proposal that the video game would have to sound. implementing generative and adaptive techniques to develop a Soundtrack that addresses the needs required by a non-linear and interactive medium such as the Video Game, you will understand the work logic and at the end of the workshop you can take an executable of the game with your own Design version Audio


Friday 1º November of 2019


15: 00 16 to: 30 hours.


Classroom 4 - 2st Floor - Image Campus

Eugenio Taboada

Eugenio Taboada

Sound designer, teacher and researcher. Bachelor of Audiovisual Arts with Audiovision Orientation (UNA), Sound Designer (ENERC 2011). Audio Recording and Post-Production Technician (TECSON 2007). Sound producer for Audiovisual Media (Intimacy, 2017; Repetition of the replica… 2016) and for interactive and generative sound works and installations (Sound Drawings, Expo Employment 2018; Virtual Passages, Sound Day and Recording ECO / AES UTN 2016 ). Speaker at Audio Conferences: JAAS Untref 2019 / 2017; UNQui 2017 Sound Week; Connect - Urban Study 2016. Design, Coordinate and teach Courses for the teaching of Sound for Audiovisual Media (Sound Design Tamaba, 2017. He is a professor at Image Campus from 2013 and technical coordinator of the Sound area from 2018.


Jump 239 C1074AAE
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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