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Global Game Jam 2017

Again, Image Campus hosted the Global Game Jam, edition of 2017.

Days: 20, 21 and 22 2017 January
Location: Image Campus

For 6º consecutive year, Image Campus will be the official headquarters of the Global Game Jam.

The GGJ is a project of International Game Developers Association, it is the biggest event worldwide kitting. Since 2009 is held annually in late January and brings together thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world. The goal: to develop a video game from scratch in only 48 hours.

The event, which grows each year, is completely free and involves both professionals and students and hobbyists from all disciplines (artists, programmers, sound engineers, game designers). In the edition of 2016 600 over venues were recorded in developed countries 93 6866 games!

In Image Campus celebrate and promote all meetings that strengthen national industry, so we offer participants all the facilities and resources of the institute: art computers with the necessary software installed, Oculus Rift, Wacom tablets, drawing boards café, Wi-Fi.

The games developed at our headquarters in previous editions can be downloaded here:

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Summary 2016 Edition

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