Friday, January 29 2016 21: 50

Global Game Jam 2016

Again, Image Campus hosted the Global Game Jam, edition of 2016.

Event summary:

The event is considered one of the largest in the world within the gaming industry and brings together professionals, students and hobbyists the area integrally with the challenge of developing a game 48 hours.

The institute opened its doors, making available to the participants, all facilities and high-performance equipment, so that projects can be carried out. This year the theme proposed by the Global Game Jam was RITUAL, and at Image Campus we have an exclusive diversifying our headquarters, which was to make compatible games ARGENTRON, an Arcade games 100% national development.

We have more than 100 participants, divided into more than 25 groups. During the 3 38 days over proposals they were submitted, reaching a record number of headquarters 30 games ended.

Participants were classified taking into consideration their best abilities, among which were submitted over 30 Game Designers, musicians and sound engineers 5, 40 over more than 40 artists and programmers.

All developed games are available for testing and can be downloaded from the official website of the headquarters of Image Campus on the website of the Global Game Jam.

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