Friday, October 30 2015 21: 49

Geek Out - Before Christmas

Mixed Reality Game Jam


  • 15Hs Graciela Rapán tells us what roleplaying games are. Then, begin to set the day with the reading of one of the stories of his book Pilgrim of the Midnight.
  • 15.45Hs will begin the screening of short horror, all of Argentine directors
  • Interview 18Hs Knizia, who will tell us also about the digitization of some of their games their games and hybrid table
  • Official presentation of Kinmo 18.30Hs, Imperios Milenarios and Travels of Captain Foucault
  • 19.30Hs Interview with Jon Gilmour, who will tell us about his most famous play: Dead of Winter
  • 20.15Hs We closed the day with a multidisciplinary panel luxury, chatting about the relationship between video games, board games, film and cartoon.


  • Begin talks 15Hs:
    • Federico Fontana: From cardboard to bits: transmedia narratives in today's games
    • Emmanuel Arcidiacono: Cell phone and board games = Water and oil?
    • Bruss Brussco: 3 senses to awaken the magic
  • Review of the games that enhance their experience by adding audio
  • Víctor de Santa María: Board games in the digital era: Playing online
  • Pablo Camarasa: Digital Analogies: From the board to the tablet
  • Sebastián Koziner: Games in reverse: from digital to analog.
  • Leandro Nicolosi: Opening the Black Box - Why learn to program videogames
  • 17.45Hs Comic con Fichines: panel with several cartoonists, who will tell us how video games influence their work. Coordinator: Andrés Valenzuela, Fernando Biz, Paula Andrade and Loris Ziggiotto participate
  • 19Hs Andrés Valenzuela presents his book Science and Superheroes.
  • 20Hs presentation of the games created during the Game Jam.

In addition, during the two days will be a Game Jam Mixed, that is, a meeting of developers, designers, artists, musicians and writers with the aim of prototyping a game that combines the art of mixed reality, digital and physical components, for example: a card game that uses QR codes as a factor determinant in the playful design. Game designers are required (table and video game), programmers, illustrators, musicians, etc.

They can also play Milenarios empires, Kinmo and Travels of Captain Foucault and chat with designers, play james role themed horror (thanks to the guys Role for Rookies) and try multiplayer national games: Metegolley, Fishes, Vestiges and 80Boxes.

The event is free, but the place requires name and surname and DNI of all attendees. Upon entering they will ask for identification.

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