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Game Work Jam 2017 - November 11

► Participate in the last #GameWorkJam Capital Federal on Image Campus (Salta 239)

Day: November 11 2017
Schedule: 14: 00 18 to: 00 hours.
Location: Image Campus

This November 11 Saturday we have the next capital Game Work Jam! We are going to have the genius of Pablo Palacios on the feedback table again! Game Designer, librarian and producer

Do not forget to register: here


What is Work Game Jam?
Work Game Jam is an event that seeks to bring together and connect to local developers under a framework which first law among all the good vibes. Work in the Game Jam will you be able to find mentors, joining projects for people to add to your project, lectures, workshops and more.

I can not go on Saturday ... Would I be forever? Do not!
We do it every 15 days.

Is a common jam?
No. It is an event that takes place during throughout the year. Have "Jam" in the name is simply a bad choice.

Who can attend?
EVERYBODY. People with experience, experience with project without project, with knowledge, without knowledge, with equipment, no equipment ... ALL. The idea is to see how we can help whatever your situation

Do I have to register?
For security reasons, we ask all those who wish to attend to complete the following form: GolJ2QwOs2cxiEjoE5Bw2y46EMbVCow / viewform

And if I go but I have no equipment?
There are usually released with new people or you're going to be able to form a team and start a game. There is also the possibility for you to join a team already formed in the GWJ.

Is it necessary to carry notebook?
It is not strictly necessary because Image Campus lends us his CompUSA during the afternoon.

Do I have to pay?
DO NOT. It's all 100% free

If I go, I have to do something?
Not necessarily. you can simply go to meet and spend an afternoon sappy copada.

We hope to see you all!

Work Game Jam 2017


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Buenos Aires, Argentina


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