Educational quality

Artist: Emilio Tori

Continuous training.

The concept of continuous training proposed by Image Campus through its educational trajectories questions the limits of the various disciplines and allows students to start, professionalize and specialize in their respective careers. The courses offered are based on technological innovation, creativity and specialization. They provide participants with the tools, attitudes and knowledge necessary to face the demands of the professional world, providing them with conceptual, technical and research tools.

With continuous training, Image Campus manages to enhance the training of its students to facilitate their access to the labor market, improve their position or assume future leadership roles in the industries of the sector.

Our teachers, with leading positions in major companies are major players in the market. Provide links and a variety of experiences, methodologies and languages, both technical and creative.

Our students are aimed to find their own creative language, using technical and methodological tools taught at Image Campus, becoming new entrepreneurs or leaders of projects that redefine the cultural landscape of the XXI century and are projected as tastemakers and key players in the aesthetic of this.

CEPPIC - Image Campus Professional Practice and Extension Center

The Center structures training extension programs and industry mentoring for our students, as well as talks, workshops and other events open to the community. Image Campus has been a community meeting place for video game developers, animators, artists and producers since 2000. Our training plan for production has made Image Campus a leading institution in the professional insertion of students and graduates at the national and international level.

CEPPIC promotes, updates and monitors these professional extension activities to make them dialogue and integrate them into each educational journey of its students.

CEPPIC - Image Campus Professional Practice and Extension Center

CICIC - Image Campus Research and Training Center

Our disciplines, in permanent reconfiguration, require an update that is only possible from lines of research, discussion forums, international exchanges, interdisciplinary approaches and systematization of productive experiences that Image Campus, through the CICIC, fosters, stimulates and strengthens.

The Center develops actions and pedagogical training programs for teachers and professionals that integrate our careers, paths, courses and in-company training designs

CICIC - Image Campus Research and Training Center