Wednesday, September 09 2015 11: 42

ExpoInternet 2015 - Latin America

ExpoInternet event is the most important Business and Technology in Latin America.

The purpose of ExpoInternet is to promote and stimulate the sector, businesses and investments that will mark a before and after in the region.

During the 3 day event, you can witness the latest innovations, new developments and product or service launches next generation. You can also attend a conference program, where top experts will present their research and presentations.

Featured speakers will also present to discuss the scope and expectations of new technologies in business and in everyday life, and regional possibilities are anticipated to be inserted in an increasingly globalized world.

Among them will be Steve Wozniaz who founded Apple Computer with Steve Jobs in 1976. Wozniak will speak about the beginnings of what is now the world's most valuable company on innovation and creativity, the future of technology and the Internet of Things.

Day: the 9 12 September to 2015
Location: The property Rulal, CABA

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