Immersive Experiences with 360º Video

Create immersive video content for virtual reality experiences, immersive rooms,
streaming and social networks

Credits: : Reality 360º Argentina.




24 classes
72 hs




Thursday from 19:22 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. and
Saturdays from 14pm to 17pm

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Get trained to design, create and distribute immersive experiences using 360° cameras, creative tools in virtual reality headsets and 3D engines. You will learn to generate content for virtual reality viewers, domes, immersive rooms, social networks, and the web, implementing all the tools to reach a final immersive project during the course. Damián Turkieh, pioneer in the production of 360° video in Latin America, founder and director of Realidad 360° Argentina, will guide you in each of the stages. 

Through this course you will gain a solid understanding of extended realities and immersive video, its potential, and how it is being used to transform reality. Strengthen your knowledge to enter the market of immersive experiences, an industry in constant growth

What do you learn?

Design of immersive and narrative experiences with 360 video.

Immersive video capture with 360º cameras.

Creation of 3D content using creative tools in virtual reality viewers (Open Brush).

Editing and Postproduction of 360 video and spatial audio.

Creation of 360 video and immersive rooms with 3D engines (Unreal).

Narrative and realization of interactive experiences with 360 video for VR and web viewers.

Implementation of immersive live broadcasts (360° streaming) using OBS Studio and 360 cameras.

360 Video Applications: They will explore the various fields of application of 360 video, from advertising and tourism to health, art and journalism.

Individual Integrator Final Project: They will apply all the skills and knowledge acquired in the development of a final project in 360, demonstrating their ability to produce high-quality immersive content.


Provide complete and practical training in the creation, post-production and distribution of immersive content with 360° video and virtual reality. Participants will develop the skills necessary to design, capture, edit, distribute, and adapt immersive experiences for a variety of platforms.


Module 1

Introduction to extended realities and 360 cinematography. Use of virtual reality viewers. Design of immersive experiences, script writing.

Module 2

Capture techniques with 360° cameras and ambisonic microphones. Point of view, lighting, sound, camera movements, staging, stereoscopy, monitoring.

Module 3

Creation of 3D content and immersive video using creative tools in virtual reality viewers (Open Brush) and 3D engines (Unreal).

Module 4

Immersive audio and video editing and post-production with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Use of artificial intelligence tools for the generation and post-production of immersive content.

Module 5

Realization of immersive live broadcasts (360° streaming) using OBS Studio.

Module 6

Development of interactive 360° video experiences using 3DVista.

Module 7

Financing, Distribution and monetization of immersive experiences in VR, Web, Immersive Rooms, Domes, Social Networks, etc. Market and industry.

Module 8

Development and realization of an immersive experience from the idea to the final product.

Main tools and software to use in Immersive Experiences with 360º Video

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Adobe After Effects, video editing and animation software logo icon
Adobe Photoshop software editing bitmap pixels icon software
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Unreal Engine

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Damien Turkieh
Damien Turkieh


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Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

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