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Meeting Nucleo - 2016 Edition

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Third Edition Core: Annual Meeting of 3D Art, Animation and Video Games

Days: 18, 19 and 20 2016 November
Free admission.
With Preregistration,
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Core is a space that creates the link between students, alumni, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, professionals and the most important references of local and international industries




Es your chance to train you, link you to exchange your projects and ideas and be part of the exciting world of 3D art Animation and Videogames hand of Image Campus, a pioneer institution in Latin America in the training of professionals in these disciplines.


As part of the event will be held the Core Competition which will award $ 2016 250.000 in educational loans outstanding students work.

Nucleo 2016

  • Prize $ 2016: 250.000 Core Competition (In education credits).
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Open classes
  • Roundtables on the current state of the industry with executives of major companies
  • Art Exhibition
  • Samples of student work and graduates
  • Projections
  • interactive areas where you can try the latest technologies (Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, Printing 3D, Motion Capture)
  • Board Games and RPGs
  • Open tournaments
  • Testing Show
  • Live bands
  • And much more!

Nucleo 2014
Nucleo 2015
Featured Industry professionals will tell us about their latest developments.

Students and Graduates

They will present their work and projects.

international personalities who are part of Nucleo 2016
Paul Toscano

Paul Toscano
Animation Technical Director, Ubisoft Quebec - Canada
Born in Argentina and living in Canada since 2003, from an early age became interested in design, architecture and computers. He studied Animation at Image Campus 3D graduating in the year 2002. His first contact with video game production started in Argentina, while working for the Department of the company 3D Later in 2003 and already settled in Canada, Paul joined as Head of Development 3D a then young company called Frima Studio. He produced content production for TV and video games. In 2005 and taking advantage of the opening of a Ubisoft studio in Quebec City, he joined the team of the company as an animator. Among his accomplishments, are Rainbow Six (Critical hour), Splinter Cell (Double Agent) and several other titles. In 2008 he was appointed as Technical Director of Animation; he completed his role as such in the production of the Wii version of the game Prince of Persia "Forgotten Sands". After this project, he began collaborating with Ubisoft Montreal who were working with the Assassin's Creed games: Participated in AC Brotherhood, AC3, AC Black Flag and the latest released version AC Syndicate, led by studio located in Quebec City.

Yata Andersen
Conceptual artist and illustrator, Salvador, Bahia - Brazil
Conceptual Artist and Illustrator. It works in the advertising market, with more than 25 experience, performing projects Concept Art for Games, Movies and Cartoons 2D and 3D. In 2011 concludes its studies of Digital Painting, Dynamic Sketching and Concept Design at the FZD School of Design, Singapore, School of Feng Zhu, artist known worldwide for its concepts for films like Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith, TMNT and Transformers. Feng, Yata perfected his technique design of characters and scenarios, routing years of experience in the advertising market for mainstream cinema. He has worked with Alex Dantas from 2009 in film and television projects, including some of these, involving names like Ivete Sangalo and Ronaldinho.




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