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Training cycle and business round.

The world of work is not a simple place to conquer. With this Networking Jam cycle we accompany your preparation, so that you have the opportunity to work on projects with other students from all disciplines. This first training meeting includes different axes: Portfolio, Labor Interview and Pitching. And it will feature the special participation of Federico Pizzi, Animation Lead, who will discuss the power of a good portfolio and how to manage it. If you are an Image Campus student you can add 7 CEPPIC points, with your participation.

Day: 02 May 2020
Schedule: from 10 a.m. to 13 p.m.
Modality: Videoconference via Zoom


10: 00hs
By: Guillermo Averbuj and Pedro Hegoburu.

Why a Networking Jam?

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Prof. Pedro Hegoburu

Big fan of games in general, whether card, board, role-playing or video games.
He started in playful life last century, testing video games on Apple II + (Ultima IV) and playing card games (Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth) and miniatures (Warhammer Fantasy Battles) when he wasn't role playing Runequest or The Call of Cthulhu. He also devoted a lot to chess and is a Senior International Master and International Referee.
In the professional scope He is dedicated to Marketing and has experience in Legal issues and Media Planning, having worked for Perez Companc SA and for the Telecom Group.
As editor of video game magazines, Pedro rounds off a vision of games as a user, as a journalist and finally as a Marketing professional.


Prof. Guillermo Averbuj

He has worked as game designer, product and company consultant such as SixthVowel, PixOwl (France), Das Spiel (Germany), Visionaria / Interaxial (Mexico), RashiGames (Israel), Codenix, Eudaimonia, Sabarasa. Creator of IndustriaVG, The first job site specialized in videogames in Latin America, totally free.
Founder and mentor of the biweekly cooperative video game development meetings called Game Work Jam.


Federico Pizzi

Natural, adaptable and professional leader with great creative ideas to solve workflow issues. In addition to the background as an animator, his strong technical knowledge enables him to perform process and pipeline related tasks. More than eight years of experience in the animation industry, participating in a feature film, an AAA game, and a released III.
He was Animation Director at Element Space, multi-award winning indie game, in charge of project scoping, team call, team leader, production definitions, pipeline development and structure, as well as tools. He participated in important projects such as Master of Orion, Metegol and Imaginary Mary.
He is currently developing an online animation course program for the Latin American region.


Jump 239 C1074AAE
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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