Unreal Connectors - Encounter with Cacodelphia

Unreal Connectors: Encounter with Cacodelphia

Date: Thursday September 15
Schedules: 19 to 21 hs.
Modality: Online-Streaming
Target: Oriented towards Unreal Connectors, open to students in the areas of multimedia and immersive technologies.
Requirements: Be a student or graduate of Image Campus.
Exhibitor: Gaston Gallo.

description of the activity:

The Unreal Connectors program is an intensive specialization path in Virtual Production for Storytelling, taught and accredited at select institutions around the world.

In this meeting we will meet Cacodelphia Estudios, the first virtual production center in South America with scalable and personalized LED stages, and a great deal of knowledge about LED technology, the integration of video systems and real-time rendering engines. 

Cacodelphia Studios offers an ideal platform for filmmakers, cinematographers, producers and creatives to shoot in-camera visual effects using LED technology while exploring the technological landscape that is revolutionizing the visual effects industry.

Gaston Rooster

Internationally recognized within the field of cinema. He performed large-scale multimedia shows. Founder of "Jupiter Shows", he integrated special effects, lights, projections and pyrotechnics.

In 2014, he directs and writes “Gato Negro”, his debut feature.

He is the founder of Cacodelphia Estudios, where the most modern technology coexists with an interdisciplinary work team with a great learning capacity. In 2022 he directs “Virtual Production”, the first feature film in Latin America, made with this technology, at the Cacodelphia Studios in Buenos Aires.

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