Professionalizing Workshop - Studio Photography

Professionalizing Workshop - Studio Photography

Day: Saturday, December 18, 2021
Hours: 14 p.m. to 18 p.m.
Modality: Live broadcast
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Theoric introduction:

  • Light as a source of information.
  • Photometry.
  • Emitted Light / Reflected Light
  • Lenses and Cameras
  • The Record of Light
  • Apertures, Focal Length, DOF, ISO
  • Studio Flashes
  • Exhibithion time
  • Use of Light Modifiers
Professionalizing Workshop - Studio Photography

Practice in the Study:

  • Overview of each of the equipment (cameras, lenses, flashes, diffusers and modifiers in general)
  • Using the photometer
  • Main Light / Fill Light / Backlight
  • Proposals for different classic studio portrait photography lighting techniques
  • Narrative search with light
Professionalizing Workshop - Studio Photography

Software Practice:

Once the photographs are completed, we will introduce the use of Adobe Lightroom 2022, focusing on the Import, development, masks, and adjustments of the photographs taken, you cannot miss it!

Professionalizing Workshop - Studio Photography
Professionalizing Workshop - Studio Photography

Guest Model:

Miracles Micaela Svrznjak
@ miracles.svr

Professionalizing Workshop - Studio Photography

Cameras and Lenses to use:

  • Canon Eos 6d (Full Frame)
  • Sony A7rii (Full Frame)
  • Canon Ef 85mm F / 1.8 Usm Full Frame Apsc Lens
  • Canon Ef 24-70 Mm F / 2.8l Ii Usm Lens
  • Sigma 70-300mm lens

Grip / Lighting and Accessories to use:

  • Infinite Background 3 × 3 (2 colors)
  • 150w LED Studio Flash GODOX FV150
  • Flash Studio VISICO 300W x 2 units
  • Avenger Century Kit33 Lighting Tripod A2033f + d520 + d200
  • Background Support With Grip Adjustable Reflective Screens
  • Soft Box Light Box 70 x 100 cm Bowens / Visico Mount
  • Black Fabric Flag with metal frame (60x40cm)
  • Wireless Microphones x2
  • Sandbags (Waterproof Canvas) x 3 units
  • Three measures Half (Medium) x2 units

Full quotas

Diego Mendel, professor at Image Campus

Diego Mendel:

Designer and audiovisual producer at Huella Digital (Co-founder). Certified by Adobe as ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) and ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor) in After Effects and Premiere. Certified by Autodesk as Autodesk Certified Professional, in Autodesk Maya. Between 2008 and 2013 he worked as a professor and academic coordinator at the SAGA institute, at the Salvador-Bahia and Belo Horizonte-Minas Gerais, Brazil campuses. It serves production companies in Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Brazil as a freelancer in the area of ​​Motion Graphics and post-production. At Image Campus he has worked since 2014 as content coordinator and teacher in the Multimedia Production Career, the Motion Graphics Professional Training Path and as a consultant professor at Image Campus for training companies.

Ramiro Smith

Ramiro Smith:

He completed his training as a Professional Photographer at the Argentine School of Photography. He studied Visual Arts at the National University of Art in Argentina. He currently works as a photographer at Huella Digital. He teaches as a professor of visual arts in various academic institutions. Since 2017, he has expanded his field to the area of ​​Photography Management, training at the ECA-ESCUELA CINEMATOGRÁFICA ARGENTINA FOUNDATION.

Miracles Micaela Svrznjak

Guest Model:

Miracles Micaela Svrznjak
@ miracles.svr