Applied Perspective Workshop

Type of activity: Workshop
Days: Saturdays, July 17 and 24, 2021
Hours: 14 p.m. to 16 p.m.
Modality: Online via Zoom

Description of the activity: We will study an abbreviated series of theoretical foundations on the technical perspective that will serve as a practical tool when presenting our scenarios in a drawing. We will see how the vanishing points are related and how we can raise and rotate them in order to make better representations of three-dimensional space.

Objectives: That the student acquires concrete tools to be able to evolve his three-dimensional representation.

Suggested recipients: Illustrators of all technical courses and courses.

Ramón Bunge, professor at Image Campus

Teacher in charge: Ramon Bunge
Multidisciplinary artist. Illustrator, comic colorist, conceptual artist, and professor of different subjects of technical drawing at Image Campus. He did illustrations for various products for Fantasy Flight Games, Kobold Press, Lone Knight Games, and various independent clients. He worked as an art director for various Ronnoc Entertainment projects. As a colorist he worked for Marvel, DC and Dark Horse among others.