2nd Networking Jam 2020 Meeting - Image Campus

Second Meeting - Networking Jam 2020 - Image Campus

Day: Saturday June 13 2020
Schedule: from 10 a.m. to 13 p.m.
Modality: Videoconference via Zoom

After the first meeting we can say that you already understood how important a Business Round is. Learning to offer your talent or project is even more so. In this second instance, feedback will be made on the material that has been presented. For the participants of the first, find more info in the Virtual Classroom space. For those who could not join before, they are on time. We will give you access to the exclusive space, where you can see the recording and the material of the meeting.

Objectives for this edition:

  1. Define if you have a project or if you want to offer your talent.
  2. Start writing about the project.
  3. Begin to shape the portfolio.
  4. Start writing the cv.
  5. Register at networkingjam.com.ar

Additional Task: Google about events: GDC, Game Connection, Gamescom and E3.
All events (video games) where business rounds are held.

Task for Google: Body language.

Pedro Hegoburu, Professor at Image Campus

Prof. Pedro Hegoburu

Big fan of games in general, whether card, board, role-playing or video games.
He started in playful life last century, testing video games on Apple II + (Ultima IV) and playing card games (Lord of the Rings: Middle-earth) and miniatures (Warhammer Fantasy Battles) when he wasn't role playing Runequest or The Call of Cthulhu. He also devoted a lot to chess and is a Senior International Master and International Referee.
In the professional field he is dedicated to Marketing and has experience in Legal matters and in Media Planning, having worked for Perez Companc SA and for the Telecom Group.
As editor of video game magazines, Pedro rounds off a vision of games as a user, as a journalist and finally as a Marketing professional.

Guillermo Averbuj, Professor at Image Campus

Prof. Guillermo Averbuj

He has worked as a game designer, consultant for products and companies such as SixthVowel, PixOwl (France), Das Spiel (Germany), Visionaria / Interaxial (Mexico), RashiGames (Israel), Codenix, Eudaimonia, Sabarasa. Creator of IndustriaVG, the first job board site specialized in video games in Latin America, totally free.
Founder and mentor of the fortnightly cooperative work meetings for video game development called Game Work Jam.