Work Game Jam 2019 - 11 May

Game Work Jam 2019 - May 11


Day: 11 May 2019
Schedule: 14: 00 18 to: 00 hours.
Location: Image Campus

Are you looking to enter the industry of videogame developers?
Do you want to join a project or find people for yours?
Are you looking for feedback on a project you are already developing?
Do not hesitate any more and add!

The Game Work Jam is a bi-monthly event where you can meet other developers, build a team, develop your first video game, participate in talks and workshops, find mentors and more. If you are interested in participating you can register here:

* This code governs the code of conduct drafted by FUNDAV, the Argentina Video Game Foundation, and ADVA, the Association of Argentine Video Game Developers in order to guarantee a safe space:

Who can attend?
People with experience, without experience, with a project, without a project, with knowledge, without knowledge, with a team, without a team ... Whoever wants to play games. Our goal is to help you whatever your situation.

Do I have to pay?
Nothing, it's all 100% for free!

What if I go but I do not have armed equipment?
There are usually new or loose people with whom you will be able to form a team and start a game.
There is also the possibility that you join a work team already formed in the GWJ.

I can not go this Saturday What do I do?
No problem, the event is done every 15 days.

Is it a common jam? Like those where you join a weekend and play a little game
No. In a Game Jam you have to take a little game in a few hours. In Game Work Jam it is carried out throughout the year, every 15 days. We aim to encourage the development of teams, you can come to work in your game, or get to chat about the state of the industry, meet people, whatever you want!

Do I have to register?
For security issues of the headquarters, we ask all those who want to attend to complete the following form:

Is it necessary to carry notebook?
It is not strictly necessary because Image Campus lends us his CompUSA during the afternoon.

If I go, do I have to do something?
Not necessarily. you can simply go to meet and spend an afternoon sappy copada.