DefleMask Games and old school music, for the present and future of videogames

DefleMask: Games and old school music, for the present and future of video games

Days and times:
Monday, December 5 – 19:22 p.m. to XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.
Type of activity: Seminar
Target: Students and graduates of Image Campus in the areas of Audio and Multimedia.
Requirements: Being part of the Image Campus Community.
Format: Online – Streaming
description of the activity:
DefleMask is a tracker (chiptune music sequencer software) with which you can produce game music for many old-school consoles and computers. It is an Argentine development, used by composers from different parts of the world to produce music with specific characteristics of consoles such as: Genesis, SMS (+FM Sound Unit), GB, PCE, NES (+VRC7, +FDS), C64, Arcade, NeoGeo and is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

During the meeting, it will be explained what chiptune is as a musical genre, how music was made in video games in the old school, techniques for using the tracker as a tool for composition and production.

Leonardo Demartino

Leonardo Demartino:

Computer Technician, he has been working in the Software industry for more than 10 years. He is Development Leader at Lemonchili Games company and works in parallel on other personal projects, DefleMask is one of them.

dario genoa

Dario Genoa:

Freelance designer, illustrator and photographer for more than 8 years. He participated in various projects in different media, from infocommercials for open TV, sporting events, national festivities and graphic developments for bands. He currently works on DefleMask's UI/UX design.

Francisco Dimartino

Francisco Demartino

He has been part of the DefleMask team since 2018. He started programming with Visual Basic 6, currently working with C/C++, Python, Unity, Godot and is constantly interested in researching different technologies that can be applied to resource optimization, both for the tracker and in other projects.

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