How to apply immersive audio in content creation

WEBINAR - How to apply immersive audio in content creation

Day: Friday May 28, 2021
Hours: 19:17 ARG / XNUMX:XNUMX COL
Modality: Online webinar

3 experts, sound and multimedia artists tell you how to apply 3D audio in Virtual Reality, 360 Video and Interactive Experiences in Shows.

Find out how content creators work at the highest level.  

The experimentation related to the creation of content with immersive audio is multiple as well as its scope. Every day more productions from different disciplines include in their works the possibility of creating experiences with 3D sound, generating the effect of being immersed in a real world or the possibility of living new experiences. Virtual reality, cinema, installations, live shows, are among many others, some of the many contents that are producing experiences with immersive audio and that day by day evolve creating artistic advances in their languages ​​and technical advances in their productions. .

To whom it is addressed: sound designers, sound artists, musicians, producers, enthusiasts interested in the world of audio, professionals in audiovisual media or in shows, artists or content producers and all those interested in knowing how to improve the audio of their projects to give them added value .

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Eugenio Taboada

Prof. Eugenio Taboada (ASA)


He is Coordinator of the Sound area at the Image Campus Institute.

He studied “Lic. in Audiovisual Arts "at UNA," Sound Design "at ENERC / INCAA, and" Audio Recording and Post-Production "at the TECSON institute, as well as various artistic courses.

He works on linear and interactive audiovisual projects (Videogames, Cinema, Virtual Reality, etc.) and is Co-Founder of "Estudio i Latina" artistic-technological group dedicated to the development of "Immersive Interactive Installations" both from the production of personal works of the collective as in works for various clients and artists.

Ramiro N. Alvarez

Prof. Ramiro Alvarez

Graduated from UNQ, with a Bachelor's degree in Musical Composition with Electroacoustic Media.

He works at “Immersive Films” producing immersive audiovisual content and does sound post-production, specializing in 3D sound for 360 video. His post-production work includes the immersive feature films Brooklyn Experience, La Secta del Trigillo, Bolivia Profunda, Poder Mayor, Poder Menor, the documentary Antarctica 360, among others.

Fabian kesler

Prof. Fabian Kesler

Graduated in electroacoustic composition, Max MSP programmer, sound designer, teacher, keyboardist, multimedia artist and designer of interactive templates and sensors for the scene.

He has programmed and built interactive stage devices for various works and has composed and performed music in concerts, dance plays, theater, video art, multidisciplinary concerts and installations.

He has received scholarships and exhibited his works in artistic and scientific events in different countries of America and Europe.