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  • Our educational offer is innovative and competitive.
  • A significant percentage of our graduates are foreigners who have been inserted successfully in the labor, national and international markets.
  • Our teachers are professionals with experience in the industry.
  • We advise you about immigration procedures needed to study in Argentina, we accompany you in managing credit in your home country to study abroad, we give information about lodging options, transportation, tourism, recreation, etc.

Work in Argentina

Through our Employment Center you can read about Job Opportunities and Internships in renowned national and international companies.

Useful data

  • Time: Argentina has a difference of three hours less than Greenwich Mean Time (during the summer is often the delay an hour on official time)
  • Electricity: The current is 220 50 volts and Hz. (Hertz) (in specialized stores adapters are available voltage)
  • Coin: Peso ($)
  • telephone code to call Argentina: Country code + area code + phone number + 0054 11 + PHONE NUMBER (0054 code is Argentina and 11 code is in Buenos Aires)

Travel to Argentina

To travel from abroad you can take a passage in Aerolíneas Argentinas which covers destinations in America and Europe.
  • "Ministro Pistarini" Ezeiza International Airport
    International Air Terminal near the city of Buenos Aires.
    Address: Ricchieri Km. 33,500. Ezeiza, Buenos Aires Province
    Telephone reports: (54-11) 5480-6111
    Bus lines to the city of Buenos Aires: 86

  • Jorge Newbery Airport
    Located in the City of Buenos Aires on the Costanera Norte del Rio de la Plata.
    Domestic flights and international services from / to Uruguay.
    Address: Av. Rafael Obligado S / Nº, (1425) Buenos Aires
    Telephone: (54-11) 5480-6111

Business hours

  • Banks and exchange offices: Monday through Friday, between 10.00 and 15.00 hours (excluding).
  • Commercial offices: of 09.00 to 18.00 hours.
  • Shops: of 09.00 to 20.00 hours. Saturday from 09.00 to 13.00 hours.
  • The shopping centers (malls) and mega-stores are open Monday through Sunday from 10.00 to 22.00 hours.
  • Cafes, bars and pizzerias They are almost always open, with a break between two and six in the morning.
  • Restaurants: lunch is served from the 12.00 hours. and dinner from the 20.00 hours. However, many establishments offer meals at all times.


The city has good public transport: subway (metro), taxis and buses (called colectivos) that operate during the 24 hs. 
The Retiro bus station There are long distance buses that communicate with other points of Argentina.

Culture and Entertainment

Buenos Aires is characterized by a broad and diversified cultural offer, destancándose for its billboard shows offered opera performances, theater, off theater, international cinema and Argentine cinema. It also has an important circuit of museums, art galleries and cultural centers. You have guides, magazines and websites with plenty of information on the Buenos Aires moved.

In Buenos Aires you'll find a lot of bars and restaurants with wi-fi.


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Buenos Aires, Argentina


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