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Conferences of excellence on art, animation, video games, VFX and immersive technologies.
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October 15, 22 and 29 via

November 4 and 5 face-to-face meetings in Image Campus.

Free and free entry. With prior registration.

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virtual schedule

Look at the activities that will take place throughout the event.

Saturday 15 October

Saturday 22 October

Night of the Museums - Immersive Art & Audio

Night of the Museums – Immersive Art & Audio

Type of activity: Interactive Installations.
Day: Saturday October 22.
Schedules: 21 to 01 hs.
Location: Face-to-face – Cultural Center of Science
Target: General public.

Within the framework of the Night of the Museums, Image Campus and its team of Sound and Immersive Audio professionals will participate in the Cultural Center of Science with interactive installations that articulate elements such as sound, sound memory, apps for mobile devices and experiences in VR.

The works that you will be able to discover are SUONOCORPO by Fabián Kesler and AUDIT, AUDIT6, VR GALLERY, VIRTUAL MUSIC and FÁBRICA SONORA by Eugenio Taboada.

Saturday 29 October

Face-to-face schedule

Look at the activities that took place at Image Campus.

Friday 4 of November

Saturday 5 of November

Guests Core 2022

Featured Professionals and Referents from the local and international industries

Juan Linietsky
Juan Linietsky

He is one of the creators and the development lead of the Godot Engine.

Ignacio Pol - Filming in the Metaverse
Ignacio Pol

Degree in audiovisual production, co-founder of CONTROL Studio.

Pablo Toscano - Nucleus Meeting 2021
Paul Toscano

Graduated from Image Campus and Technical Director of Animation, Ubisoft Quebec.

Adham Kosht ​​2022
Adham khost

Director of cameras for several large-scale film and video game productions.

Facundo Mounes
Facundo Mounes

Facundo Mounes, director of the Image Campus IC-Cube Incubator.

Nazarene Rivero

Game QA Subject matter expert and QA Lead at Epic Games.

Yata Andersen - Core Encounter 2021
Yata Andersen

Illustrator and Concept Artist, and has worked in the world of Advertising for more than 26 years.

Nicholas Neck
Nicholas Neck

Reference teacher. Consultant in Immersive Technologies and founder of Lucods.

Daniel Cappelletti
Daniel Cappelletti

Programmer and Filmmaker.
Unreal Engine Developer.

Lucio Anselmi
Lucio Anselmi

Graduate and professor of Image Campus. 3D artist with more than 8 years of experience.

Roy Magariños - Nucleo Meeting 2021
Roy Magariños

Video game producer and consultant, teacher, entrepreneur, expert in strategic design and development of F2P mobile business models.

Valeria colombo
Valeria colombo

Bachelor of Computer Science, video game developer.

Adrian Novell
Adrian Novell Frick

Senior Gameplay Designer at Electronic Arts (FIFA).

Ramon Bunge
Ramon Bunge

Professor of Drawing and Illustrator in the Cartoon Technique and Concept Art Specialization.

Diego Mendel
Diego Mendel

Co-Founder, designer and audiovisual producer at Huella Digital.

Eduardo Rodriguez Ortega
Eduardo Rodriguez Ortega

University professor of Production, Metrics, Monetization and Videogame Design.

Germán Nobile - Nucleus Meeting 2021
Germán Nóbile

2D artist with more than 15 years of experience as a game and concept artist.

Magali Morales
Magali Morales

Professional artist dedicated to painting and digital illustration.

hernan fernandez
Hernan Fernandez

Coordinator of the 3D Area at Image Campus.

Sergio Baretto
Sergio Baretto

Professional developer of videogames and interactive virtual experiences, Co-Founder of “Estudio i Latina”.

Eugenio Taboada

Sound Designer, Artist and Teacher. Co-founder of “Estudio i Latina”.

Laura Palavecino - Nucleo Meeting 2021
Laura Palavecino

Visual artist, teacher and researcher in the field of art and game studies.

martin lopez funes
Martín López Funes

Co-founder and executive producer at Malditomaus, an Argentine company dedicated to the creation of visual effects (VFX).

Pedro Hegoburu
Pedro Hegoburu

Enthusiastic of games in general, whether they are card, board, role-playing or video games.

Luciana Bertot
Luciana Bertot

Student and graduate of Image Campus. Concept Artist – The Other Guys.

Hernan Basso - Nucleus Meeting 2021
Hernán Basso

Currently an evangelist for Epic Games for Latin America, he is a technical artist specialized in Unreal Engine.

Hernán Sáez and Máximo Balestrini
Hernan Saez

Game Designer & Graphics. Partner at Videogamo. He is one of the creators of NAVE Arcade.

Hernán Sáez and Máximo Balestrini
Maximo Balestrini

In 2010 he teamed up with Hernán Sáez and together they founded Videogamo, again driven by his interest in merging art and technology.

Yesica Third
Yesica Third

Graduated from the Specialization Course in Video Games for Journalists and Communicators.

martin duca
martin duca

Graduated from the Specialization Course in Video Games for Journalists and Communicators.

Adrian Camola
Adriel Camola Ballesteros

Graduated from the Specialization Course in Video Games for Journalists and Communicators.

Gonzalo Campo
Gonzalo Campo

a. Bachelor of International Trade, Technician in Video Game Development and self-taught game developer.

Marina Garcia
Marina Garcia

Image and Sound Designer, Content Writer and Game Designer.

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