The vibrant annual gathering of our community

Nucleus Meeting 2021 - Image Campus

3 marathon Saturdays

First level conferences with great talents of art, animation, videogames, VFX and immersive technologies.

October 2, 16 and 30 via

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(twenty minutes)

Discover the latest trends in the industry, get trained and interact with local and international references. A marathon of exclusive content on art, animation, videogames, VFX and immersive technologies with top-level speakers.

They joined us:

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Core Schedule 2021

Look at the activities that took place throughout the event.

Saturday October 2

Saturday October 16

Saturday October 30

Guests Core 2021

Featured Professionals and Referents from the local and international industries

  • Alejandra Bruno
    Narrative designer, game designer and videogame producer at Yaguar studio.
  • Emilio González Moreira
    Gamer from the old school.
  • Paul Market
    Rigging Senior with 15 years of experience – Ubisoft Quebec.
  • Oscar carballo
    He is a writer, visual artist, filmmaker and teacher.
  • Ignacio Pol
    Degree in audiovisual production, co-founder of CONTROL Studio.
  • Sergio Baretto
    Professional developer of videogames and interactive virtual experiences, Co-Founder of “Estudio i Latina”.
  • Eugenio Taboada
    Sound Designer, Artist and Teacher. Co-founder of "Estudio i Latina".
  • Nazarene Rivero
    QA Manager, Game Tester and Teacher.
  • Victoria Rodriguez Christensen
    He works as a Senior UI Artist at Massive Entertainment (UBISOFT Sweden).
  • German Nobile
    2D artist with more than 15 years of experience as a game and concept artist.
  • Claudio Andaur
    Animator and rigger in Blender for 20 years.
  • Hernán Basso
    Currently Epic Games evangelist for Latin America, he is a technical artist specialized in Unreal Engine
  • daniel orchards
    3D character animator with more than 14 years of experience in the industry.
  • Laura Palavecino
    Visual artist, teacher and researcher in the field of art and game studies.
  • Paul Toscano
    Graduated from Image Campus and Technical Director of Animation, Ubisoft Quebec.
  • Adham khost
    Director of cameras for several large-scale film and video game productions.
  • Francisco "Focus" Cerda
    Music composer since the age of 14. He has recently ventured into film and television as well.
  • Christian andrade
    Unreal Engine Evangelist for Latin America at Epic Games
  • Hernan Merlino
    PhD in Computer Science specialized in the area of ​​Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.
  • Martina Santoro
    He works as an evangelist for Unreal Engine at Epic Games.
  • Nicholas Earnshaw
    Developer Experience Manager at Decentraland.
  • Pablo Navarro
    Animation Director, senior character animator with more than 20 years of career.
  • Roy Magariños
    Video game producer and consultant, teacher, entrepreneur, expert in strategic design and development of F2P mobile business models.
  • Vanesa Binsztok
    Enterprise Agile Coach & Innovation Consultant. Enteprise Agility Embassador at Enterprise Agility Institute Argentina and Customer Agility® Traineer.
  • Juan Linietsky
    He is one of the creators and the development lead of the Godot Engine.
  • Guillermo Averbuj
    Scrum Master for Data Science projects with 19 years of experience in the video game industry.
  • Ignacio Dimattia
    MediaMaker, Professor and Researcher in Media, New Technologies, Culture and Society.
  • Power Up Orchestra
    Power Up is the fusion of several musical worlds: a powerful and versatile Rock Band.
  • Yata Andersen
    Illustrator and Concept Artist, and has worked in the world of Advertising for more than 26 years.
  • Paolo Cavalieri
    Visual Effects Supervisor and Director at Bleed VFX.
  • Darius Georges
    Art director, producer, musician and game designer.
  • Martin Eschoyez
    Self-taught Animator, Motiongrapher, Illustrator and Graphic Designer.
  • Anselm Hoffmann
    Landscape and Nature Photographer. Resident in Salvador / Bahia, Brazil.
  • ilson fernandes
    Creative Director and Game Designer at Elderand.
  • Marina Garcia
    Image and Sound Designer, Content Writer and Game Designer.
  • Ruben Dario Karamañites Arango
    Professional 3D filmmaker, graduated from Image Campus.

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