AAA video game audio

(Eduardo Vaisman, Audio Director of Ubisoft Toronto)

Eduardo Vaisman, Audio Director of Ubisoft Toronto, will communicate by video call from Canada, to interact with those present. He will tell us about his performance in the latest Ubisoft releases, the procedures and skills of the AAA Video Game Audio work, his technical and creative aspects.


Saturday 2 2019 November


11: 00 12 to: 00 hours.


Classroom 6 - 1º Floor - Image Campus

Hernán Basso

Eduardo Vaisman

Audio Director at Ubisoft Toronto (Canada)

Audio Director at Ubisoft Toronto (Canada), one of the most important video game development companies in the world. His career began at 1992 in Buenos Aires as a sound editor for cinema, having participated in more than 55 feature films in 6 countries, as well as in several TV shows and commercials. In 2007 he emigrated to Canada and there he changed the direction of his career to devote himself to a branch of audio that he was always passionate about: sound design for video games. Since then he participated in "Splinter Cell Blacklist", "Far Cry 4", "Far Cry Primal" and "Far Cry 5".

Especially recommended for students and graduates of:
  • Introduction to Game Audio
  • Game Audio
  • Superior Technician in Game Development
  • Higher Degree in Art and Video Game Animation
For Image Campus Students valid 5 CEPPIC points


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Buenos Aires, Argentina


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