Design, Composition and Photo Retouching

Learn Vector Illustration, Digital Painting, Visual Identity and Beauty with Adobe Suite and Digitizer Tablet

Images of students. Credits: Marianela Fernández, Heather González Salgado, Mariano Martínez Ferrari, Luján Settimio.


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Digital Retouching Course

This digital retouching course offers a complete and comprehensive training for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of digital tools, learning their use, application and main concepts: techniques for creating and manipulating digital images, photographic retouching, vector illustration, visual identity , digital painting and matte painting.

The contents and tools are oriented based on the diverse needs of the advertising market, you will know all the stages of the production, manipulation and post-production of digital images oriented to the development of advertising pieces, artistic concepts, graphic design, branding and corporate identity, photo manipulation. and digital painting.

Tools used for photo retouching

You will learn tools such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, digital painting, use of a digitizing tablet, among other complementary tools and resources such as preparing a professional photographic set, manipulating cameras, lenses, lighting sets and studio flashes, among others.

What do you learn?

  • Fundamental concepts of graphic design and composition such as: proximity, aligned, repetition and contrast.
  • Theory of color.
  • Photocompositions with professional finish.
  • Photo restorations
  • Color settings.
  • Study of the typefaces and their diverse applications.
  • Processes for creating selections of objects and characters, considering the differences between simple selections and complex selections involving hair and hair.
  • Staging of a photographic set, for the correct post production of the generated images.
  • Beauty: skin restoration, body retouching, digital makeup and photo retouching aimed at advertising.
  • Digital illustration in vector format for advertising market.
  • Combine Photoshop retouched images into an Illustrator composition (vector bitmap integration).
  • Perform the correct closing of a file that is intended for a professional printing process (fast graphics vs offset and screen printing among others).
  • Use of digitizing tables to work freehand.
  • Photoshop brushes: configuration and creation.
  • Professional finishing of montages with lighting and shadow effects.
  • Digital painting of line art style illustrations, defining the way in which colors, lighting and the correct projection of shadows are mixed.
  • Create details of specific textures and materials in a traditional way through painting and taking advantage of external texture images, arranged in the correct perspective that the composition demands.
  • Matte painting: Compose different images within a project, making all the necessary adjustments so that they contain the same style, a similarity of textures, lighting and shading.

Tools and software to use

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Student Work

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    • 1 Module: Composition and Retouching of Digital Images
    • 2 Module: Vector Illustration and Branding
    • 3 Module: Digital Painting and Matte Painting

    Meet your mentors

    Diego Mendel, profesor de Image Campus

    Diego Mendel
    Designer and audiovisual producer at Huella Digital (co-founder). Certified by Adobe as ACE (Adobe Certified Expert) and ACI (Adobe Certified Instructor) in After Effects and Premiere. Certified as Autodesk Certified Professional, in Autodesk Maya. Between 2008 and 2013 he worked as a professor and academic coordinator at the SAGA institute, at the Salvador and Belo Horizonte, Brazil campuses. Serves production companies in Argentina and Brazil as a freelancer in the Motion Graphics area. At Image Campus he has worked since 2014 as content coordinator and teacher in the Multimedia Production career, the motion graphics vocational training course and as an Image Campus consultant professor for training companies.

    Areas where our graduates work

    Advertising campaign designer for different media

    Art Direction

    Composition and Digital Retouching of Images

    Matte Painting and Creation of Digital Scenarios

    Illustrator and Digital Colorist

    Infraestructura y Recursos Tecnológicos de Image Campus

    Infrastructure and Technological Resources

    In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.