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Digital Sculpture: Production workflow of collectible figures - Daniel Bel and Martín Canale


Daniel Bel and Martín Canale

Digital Sculpture in the fourth edition of the Encuentro Núcleo
Days: Saturday 4 2017 November
Schedule: 15: 00 hs.
Location: Image Campus Auditorium
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Digital Sculpture: Production Workflow of Collectable Figures

Daniel Bel and Martin Canale, renowned digital sculptors, tell us about the different stages of production of a piece:

- Preproduction: compilation and creation of all kinds of information material about the figure in question.
- Composition: play with poses, postures, general composition, support, base.
- Block in: proportions, shapes and main silhouettes of the character, anatomy, base, objects.
- Refining: refining pose, secondary objects, proportions, anatomy, base.
- Details: fine in general, definition and muscular tension, details of skin, textures.
- Presentation: paint, illuminate, give different types of materialities, look for the best angles and render!

Daniel Bel
Daniel Bel"I have been a Digital Artist for more than 14 years and since my beginnings in this profession, I have had the possibility to work in several sectors of the industry having managed to take from each one of them many knowledge and beautiful experiences.I worked as mechanical designer in engineering , I was Technical Director of Archviz in Architecture, Leader of Animation in Videogames and CG artist in Advertising and Motion Graphics.I have been Director of Art in Waypoint Studios and today I have developed as digital sculptor working for several companies recognized in the market of the figures collectibles ".
2017 Awards: "Sculpt of the Year" and "ZBrush to 3D print of the Year"
2016 Award: "ZBrush to 3D print of the Year"
2015 Award: "ZBrush to 3D print of the Year"
View Portfolio online.
Martin Canale
Martin Canale

Self-taught sculptor (Traditional and Digital), pioneer in Argentina in the modeling of figures of collection of genre Fantastic / Comic / Terror, 27 years of trajectory at National and International level. Founder of GoreGroup Studio, he has worked for Dynamic Forces, Moore Action Collectibles, Disney Studios, Bowen Designs, Pegaso models, Sideshow Collectibles toys and much more. Currently Lead Sculptor & Associate Art Director at Sideshow Collectibles.

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