The Foundry Nuke

 12 classes (36 hs)
Start date: Please consult

The Foundry Nuke

 12 classes (36 hs)
Start date: Please consult

About The Foundry NukeX
The most used tool worldwide for the development of visual effects for film and TV. The constant evolution of its tools and capabilities make it a vital piece in any task that involves postproduction, whether for large-scale film productions, or virtual reality projects, online series or video clips.

What do you learn ?

To perform common tasks in the field of post production, using the full potential of this software:

Stabilize a plane.

Track a camera or trim an actor from your background using masks or keying tools.

Introduction to NukeX 3D tools to make all kinds of compositions.

Recreate funds using mapping and matte painting techniques.

illuminate renders and create atmospheric effects.

You will receive Certificate of Attendance, accrediting the 80% of presenteeism.

Requirements: No requirement
Software to Use
The Foundry NukeX.

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Our curriculum, developed in collaboration with companies and leading professionals from the main creative industries are the most recognized in the areas of Design, Animation 2D and 3D, Video Games, Programming and Applied Development.

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with the latest generation computers. One PC per Student with all the Software required for each course.

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