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Adobe Photoshop Full


Start Date: Please consult
Duration: 12 classes (36 hs)

About Adobe® Photoshop
It is a program composition, editing, painting and retouching working with pixelares images, is used in the field of design and photography, and in any activity that requires the processing of digital images, as the combination of its tools and filters it can lead to a host of artistic and advertising creations.

What do you learn?
  • Interface Photoshop
  • Viewing files
  • Selection and use of channels
  • Covers
  • Trim and transforming images
  • Color
  • Basic tools retouch
  • Layer effects
  • Brushes
  • Theory and color management
  • Multilayer advanced work
  • Advanced selection techniques
  • Using filters
  • Photo retouching
  • Photomontage techniques
  • Editing Objects 3D
  • Motion animation and timeline
  • Process Automation
  • Advanced lighting techniques
  • Handling of the pen tool and tricks
  • Advanced brushes

Software to Use
Adobe Photoshop


No requirements

After completing the course and crediting 80% of presenteeism, Image Campus extends a "Certificate of Attendance" in PDF format.

Design Content

Area Educational Campus Image Management

Our curriculum, developed in collaboration with companies and leading professionals from the main creative industries are the most recognized in the areas of Design, Animation 2D and 3D, Video Games, Programming and Applied Development.

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Careers and Related Courses
Infrastructure and Resources
  • Classrooms equipped with the latest technology.
  • One PC per student, with the software required for that submitted.
  • Projectors and screens to follow the instructions and teachers.
  • Classroom Workshop with an animation board, a computer and a Wacom tablet per student.
  • Materials for illustration and animation, Wacom tablets, scanners and sound.
  • New Technological Resources available to our students and teachers: Virtual Reality Experiences, with the new Oculus Cristal Cove, HTC Vive, Leap Motion, Eye Tracker (Virtual Reality experiences); Ultimaker 2 + and Makerbot in their Replicator model, which will be available to all students of Image Campus to materialize the 3D prototypes they develop; Motion Capture (new Motion Capture system) and Video Game Consoles (PlayStation 4 among others).
  • The Virtual Classroom (online platform) will support your daily physical working: you will find study materials uploaded by teachers, evaluations items to raise TPs, qualifications, educational quality surveys.
  • Audience. Cafeteria.
  • Wi-fi throughout the school.
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