Introduction to Unreal Engine 5

Learn to use one of the most powerful engines in the industry


Live Streaming
from distance


15 classes
45 hs


February 19


Monday and Thursday
from 19 a.m. to 22 p.m.



academic requirements

  • No entry requirements.

Technical requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit version 1909 revision 1350 or higher.
  • Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or higher.
  • Memory: 8 GB of RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 11 or 12.
Authorized Unreal Engine Training Center PREMIER LATAM

Commitment and excellence in Unreal Engine training

Image Campus achieves the prestigious title of Premier Unreal Authorized Training Center

We have been recognized as the first PREMIER authorized Unreal Engine center in the American continent.

More information

About Unreal Engine
It's a comprehensive set of creation tools designed to fulfill ambitious artistic visions, while flexible enough to ensure the success of teams of all sizes. As an established and industry-leading engine Unreal offers powerful, proven performance that you can trust.

What do you learn?

  • Know the Unreal interface.
  • Import different assets correctly.
  • Create materials from the material editor and how to apply them.
  • Make landscapes and modify their shape, apply composite materials and give variety to what is created.
  • Use matinee and sequence to make animations for videos or for interactions through blueprints within the scene.
  • Basic concepts to perform effects with the Particle System: rain, smoke, lightning, fire and plasma among others.
  • Program different actions through nodes that we will see on the screen through blueprints.
  • Play 2D and 3D games, platform games, 1st person and 3 person shotters using Blueprints.
  • Implement the sound engine within UE: combine audio streams, make them random and adjust them ingame using blueprints according to the situation.
  • Use vertexpainting to give variety to the meshes used ingame.
  • Use postprocess, implement it according to what you want to be displayed on the screen.

You will receive a certificate of attendance, proving 80% of presenteeism.

Software to use

Unreal Engine

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We bring the classroom experience to your home with Classes via streaming in real time.

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We encourage interaction between students and teachers by digital meansBecause we know how important networking is to your profession.

Why is our Live Streaming distance education system better than a simple online course?

Image Live Learning Other courses
100% Full Streaming (live classes) Previously recorded videos
Active participation in class with personalized feedback.
Si Does not have
Analysis and creative process of projects.
Si Does not have
Practical exercises with personalized feedback and corrections from the teacher
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Method of solving real cases
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Interaction and exchange with other students
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Access to community of Image Campus professionals
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Access to the Image Campus Exclusive Employment Center for Students
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Networking and teamwork will allow you to meet professionals and students from various disciplines that are part of the ecosystem of the video game industry. Image is the ideal space to generate opportunities and relationships that enhance your professional future.

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Design Content

Area Educational Campus Image Management
Our study plans were developed in collaboration with leading companies and professionals from the main creative industries and are the most recognized in the areas of design, 2D and 3D animation, video games, programming and applied development.


Martin Aprile, Teacher and professional with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, graduated from the Game Art Professional Training Path

Martin April
Teacher and professional with more than 10 years of experience in the industry, graduated from the Game Art Professional Training Path. He worked in the area of ​​modeling for video games at Gameloft as an environment artist developing titles such as Siberian Strike and Hawks, among others, and in the area of of 3D models for architecture as a renderer for large firms such as Foster and Partners and Zaha Hadid Architects. He currently works as a senior 3D artist at MAQE visual solutions and as a teacher in the Game Art modeling course for video games, Environments for Video Games, and in the Higher Technician in Art and Animation for Video Games. Passionate about 3D art, he is always at the forefront of software and visualization techniques.

Javier Carreras

Javier Carreras
Graduate and professor of Image Campus. Bachelor of art and digital design. With 9 years of career. He has work experience in 3d animation shorts, video game environments and VR / AR visualizations projects. He currently working for Artear as a virtual production director.

Mentors and Advisors

Hernán Basso, Project: Boss Fight VR, IC-Cube - Image Campus Incubator

Hernán Basso
Currently an Epic Games evangelist for Latin America, he is a technical artist specialized in Unreal Engine with more than 11 years of experience working in productions for the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Disney California and top-level companies.

The Image Campus Extension and Professional Practice Center proposes simultaneous activities to the completion of this Path that complete your training.

Image Campus students have a world-class educational platform Blackboard Ultra to see the recordings of online classes again, deliver TPs, check attendance, course schedules, qualifications, internal communication, forums and consultations, among many other benefits.

For a high quality live streaming experience, they will access the Zoom Premium platform, embedded in Blackboard.

Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

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