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Think about animation, motion graphics o VFX involves thinking about After Effects. It is one of the most used programs in the audiovisual industry since it has a dynamic interface and wide compatibility with various other programs and formats, helping us to achieve incredible results.
Its animation and composition tools facilitate the workflow in an environment where time is limited.
It allows animating in 2D and interacting with 3D objects and scenes. After Effects combines audios, videos, still images, and vector elements in your compositions. The tool also has a wide arsenal of special effects for composition and color correction.

Who is it for?

This After Effects training is aimed at: animators, graphic designers, editors, VFX composers, audiovisual producers, photographers, or animation and visual effects enthusiasts.

What do you learn?

The After Effects course is divided into 3 stages


  • Digital format concepts and introduction to the software interface.
  • Simultaneous work with other programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, in the preparation of files necessary for an animation project.
  • Clipping techniques for alpha and luma channels through the use of track mattes and blending modes between the layers.
  • Use of shape layers and creation of parametric elements for animation or masks.
  • Fundamental principles of animation.
  • Manipulation of keyframes (keyframes) to make organic and professional animations.
  • Smoothing of movements through the use of animation curves, smoothing of trajectories and movement hierarchies.
  • Typographic animation.
  • Creation of 3D environments through the use of 3D layers combined with animated cameras.
  • Creation of lights and lighting techniques applied to animation.
  • Scene preparation processes for your export stage that require different audiovisual media.
  • Management of codecs and formats to export projects through Adobe Encoder.

Motion Graphics

  • Workflow between After Effects and Cinema 4D via Cineware - One of the newest additions to After Effects for composing or finalizing a scene initially created in Cinema 4D.
  • Particle systems: complete workflow for the generation, configuration and advanced customization of particle systems through the use of Trapcode Particular.
  • Trapcode Suite complementary plugins: Form and 3D Stroke.
  • Kinetic typo: one of the most used techniques in the motion graphics industry.
  • Through an integral project, all the necessary stages are covered to create an impressive typographic animation, which begins with the design and then goes through the stages of storyboarding, importing the graphic elements into After Effects, text animation process and Chambers and composition of funds and export.

Post production and VFX

  • Motion tracking techniques: motion capture processes in real captures (live action) through the use of point track, corner pin, mask tracking and camera tracking tools, being able to apply the information obtained to elements created in After Effects as objects , cameras, lights, etc.
  • Movement stabilization processes in footages.
  • Color correction through the use of color curves and levels. Handling the color histogram of an image, creating a professional look for your videos and animations.
  • Colorimetry with Adobe Lumetri and use of color wheels.
  • Chroma key: one of the most used techniques in VFX to remove the original background from a footage and compose it on another stage.
  • Time manipulation and parallax effects.

You will receive a certificate of completion in digital format.

Main software to use

Adobe After Effects, video editing and animation software logo icon
Adobe Illustrator, vector design program
Adobe Photoshop software editing bitmap pixels icon software

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We encourage interaction between students and teachers by digital means because we know how important networking is for your profession.

Why is our Live Streaming distance education system better than a simple online course?

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100% Full Streaming (live classes) Previously recorded videos
Active participation in class with personalized feedback.
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Analysis and creative process of projects.
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Practical exercises with personalized feedback and corrections from the teacher
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Method of solving real cases
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Interaction and exchange with other students
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Access to community of Image Campus professionals
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Access to the Image Campus Exclusive Employment Center for Students
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Vanina Bordon

Vanina Bordon
Visual communication designer with 15 years of experience in the industry, she has participated coordinating animation teams for various projects for networks such as Disney Junior and Discovery Kids. She graduated from the Image campus 2D animation professional training course. She is a professor of Art Direction in the Cartoons career at Image Campus and of Introduction to Animation in the Technician in Animation and Digital Art at the University of La Matanza. Since 2010 she teaches After Effects courses in different institutions. She currently develops professionally as a freelance animator and collaborator of different animation, film and advertising studios.

Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

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