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"Simulating the Universe" by Paolo Cavalieri


Paolo Cavalieri

Days: Friday 3 2017 November
Schedule: 15: 30 hs.
Location: ENERC - National School of Experimentation and Filmmaking (Moreno 1199, CABA - at 50 meters from Image Campus!)
► Our graduate Paolo Cavalieri, founder and supervisor of VFX / Bleed VFX, present at the 2017 Core Event!


Through projects carried out in his production company Bleed VFX, Paolo will talk about the physical and dynamic simulations. It will deal with the process of creating fluids, particles, gases, etc. for advertising, cinema and other audiovisual pieces highlighting their importance and the advantages of these in comparison to other techniques. Projects such as the "DC Summer" campaign for Disney for which a world of ice cream and flowing colors or the simulation of fabrics for "80s" by NatGeo are shown, illustrate the possibilities offered by the latest advances. From a perspective based on the day to day artist 3D will elaborate an overview of reality within an animation studio and VFX.

Paolo Cavalieri Born in Cañada de Gómez, Santa Fe, Argentina. In 2003 he moves to Buenos Aires to study 3D Realization in Image Campus. After finishing the race, he begins to work in post-production studies and realizes the lack of specialized companies in simulations. At 2009, you will find Bleed VFX to meet this need.
At 2010 he won his first Lion in Cannes with "Autopelo" an internationally recognized project. Positioned as one of the best specialized studios in Latin America Bleed VFX also starts working for projects of clients such as Jack Daniels, Coors Light, Coca Cola and Disney.
At 2013 Juan José Campanella contacts Paolo to direct the visual effects of Metegol, the first animated film by the award-winning Argentine director.
At 2014 Bleed VFX opens its office in Barcelona and 2016 in Sao Paulo.
He has participated in numerous international conferences and festivals giving workshops and workshops.


Salta 239 C1074AAE
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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