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"Using Game Design to Communicate Ideas in Fidel Dungeon Rescue" by Daniel Benmergui


Daniel Benmergui

Days: Friday 3 2017 November
Schedule: 19: 30 hs.
Location: Image Campus
► Daniel Benmergui present at the 2017 Core Event!


One of the pillars of game design is communication through ideas rather than texts or tutorials. This chat is a selection of the most interesting design moments in Fidel Dungeon Rescue, our most recent game published on Steam.

Daniel Benmergui
Daniel Benmergui More than anything, I'm an independent video game developer. I was born in 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At this moment I'm doing Ernesto, a game of adventure puzzles where you can not go back to the same place twice. I am also the creator of Storyteller, a video game based on cartoon language, which won the innovation award at the independent games festival in 2012 (an equivalent to Cannes or Sundance for video games). I suspended the development of this game until Ernesto finished. In the past I made several art games, all based on experimental mechanics: Today I Die is the best known. He won the "Jury Award" at Indiecade (an independent art gaming festival), was a runner-up for the "Nuovo" award at the Independent Games Festival, and was voted "Best of 2009" by JayIsGames. I Wish I Were the Moon was chosen "Best Indie Game 2008" by Gamasutra (one of the leading publications for game developers in the world), and selected for Sense of Wonder Night that same year.


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Buenos Aires, Argentina


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