Armor and Accessories Manufacturing
art and cosplay

(Lilia Lemoine - AKA LadyLemon)

In this workshop you will see how to move from a plate in 2D of rubber eva to complex shapes with volume and detail, quickly and economically. The use of dry materials is ideal for cosplay, although it can complement any design work.


Friday 1º November of 2019


11: 00 12 to: 00 hours.


Auditorium - Ground Floor - Image Campus

Lilia Lemoine (AKA LadyLemon)

Lilia Lemoine (AKA LadyLemon)

Integral Director of Special Effects, IT Specialist, Cosplayer and Influencer. He is a professional cosplayer since 2013, has performed more than 160 costumes and visited conventions in more than 15 countries, in addition to collaborating with brands such as History Channel, Warner, HBO, Cure, Crunchyroll, Thermaltake, Garena, etc.
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