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Talk Magistral Animation and visual effects 3D by Sebastian Sempronii

Talk Magistral Visual Effects by Sebastian Sempronii

Divided into three thematic units:

  • Diversity of the current Audiovisual Industry:

    Brief review of vertical markets, such projects according to their terms and modalities of participation of the same.

  • Professional categories:

    Junior, intermediate and senior. The challenges and expectations of each stage of the race. What is expected of each one from the role of who hires, who feels being in that place.

  • Time and form:

    The pillars of any project, ie resources, development time and aim to fulfill. Project analysis method

Wednesday December 16 19 to: 30 hs

Method: face. Free admission, registration required.

Image Campus, Salta 239 CABA

Sebastian Sempronii

A graduate of Image Campus. independent audiovisual producer, trained as a generalist 3d and post-producer with over 10 years experience in various digital media and comprehensive management software. Nut's cofounder Studios, producer dedicated to the realization of audiovisual works for the international market; where he worked since the beginning of the year 2003 2013 up. Autodesk certified instructor. Dictating various courses at Image Campus. In recent years I have held various positions; such as realization Director, Technical Supervisor 3D, Technical VFX Supervisor, Production Manager; besides operating for industries like Gaming, Cinema, Advertising and computer graphics, among other charges. Currently I am working on freelance and part-time mode for different audiovisual projects. In parallel continues with teaching as well as in the development of own products.

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