Wednesday, July 23 2014 00: 00

Talk "Player Psychology" by William Averbuj

Player Psychology

Why something is funny and when to cease to be? What kind of inclinations between the different players? What happens in the mind of the players? How and why immersion occurs? Do you have the intelligence to do with fun?

Knowing how the interests of the players can compose better experiences and a direct path to entertainment. The phenomenon of the game in different cultures should be analyzed and understood in depth by design professionals games. In this talk, Guillermo Averbuj will contribute its knowledge base with which you can establish a broad and inclusive view of the phenomenon. examples and various proposals for international authors will be analyzed. Participants will receive reading material.

Referenced authors: Bartle, Keyrsei, Lazzaro, Huizinga, Caillois, Zimmerman, Piaget, Dillon, VandenBerghre and others. "

Wednesday July 23 20 to hs

Method: face. Free admission, registration required.


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