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Production of Audiovisual Content for Digital Media by Luciano Molina


Luciano Molina's chat

► Talk given by Luciano Molina, CEO / Founder of PLAYMAKERS ENTERTAINMENT

Days and Hours: Saturday 16 / 09 14: 00 to 17: 00 hs.
Location: Image Campus Auditorium



How to build attractive content for digital environments? How to develop creative pieces according to each budget? Build narratives of digital stories and understand the storyform How to choose the best techniques and media for our content among multiple digital platforms? Online content vs content for TV or traditional media. Trends, audiences and research on online content consumption. What content is the international market needing? What types of professionals does the national industry need? How to design to present your works and productions to insert yourself in the circuits of the industry?


Presencial. Free admission, with prior registration. Limited space

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Luciano Molina's chat


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