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Talk "The Anti-Game Design" by Guillermo Averbuj

The Anti-Game Design

"Rick faces a stone corridor that clearly leads to a dimly lit room. Decide to walk the last 10 meters and unravel the mystery. Who knows what awaits! What epic challenge, infernal creature or army goblin will face soon. .. But BAM !!: without notice a giant hammer crushes Rick, spreading their neurons by the 'harmless' hall Game Over "..

Already 30 years, the video game industry learned to shocks and by dint of patience, that certain concepts and mechanical, or even contextual settings are not the taste and liking of the players.

This lecture-discussion exposes a set of bad practices carried out by countless developers in the mundo.Orientada initiates and wannabies in the game Design game.

Wednesday 03 20 September at hs

Method: face. Free admission, registration required.

Guillermo Averbuj

All projects that meet Guillermo participates 2 objectives: to feed his passion for creating video games, and encourage national game development industry proactively and innovative. Founder and Producer Content Gamester, group / developer brand events related to the game industry, Expos, Symposia, Performances (MICA) and from 2003 to 2010, was part of the organizing committee for the biggest event in the video game industry Argentina already in 10ma instance: EVA (Argentine Videogames Exposition). In his role as trainer performs a series of lectures, workshops and lectures at various events. He has worked as a game designer and consultant for products and companies like PixOwl (France), Das Spiel (Germany), Visionary / interaxal (Mexico), RashiGames (Israel), Codenix, Eudaimonia, Sabarasa. IndustriaVG Creator, the first bag job site specializing in video games in Latin America, free. Founder and mentor of the bi-weekly networking meetings game development called Game Jam Work which aims to provide support and mentoring to those individuals or teams who need, recognized by industry workers.

Wrote the first manual introductory study about videogames speaking. He has published an analysis of the "social" games (Facebook) which investigates the playfulness and game design techniques applied to such products. Specialties: Consulting, Training, Research, Ideas, Creativity, Entrepreneurship.


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