Thursday, August 21 2014 00: 00

Lecture "From the idea, my first game" by Andrew Rossi

From idea, to my first game

And useful practical steps to move from a good idea into a publishable game.

If my idea was to create the next Angrybirds, why is it so difficult to implement?

Meet the tips to create your first game, starting from the idea and how to shape it, to critical points in the development and publication.

I attended the talk and avoid common mistakes entrepreneurs in video games, focusing the energy in which ideas can be realized, being commercially viable.

Thursday August 21 19 to hs

Duration: 40 minutes + Session QAS (total 1 time)

Method: face. Free admission, registration required.

Andrés Rossi

President of the ADVA (Argentina Game Developers Association). CEO of Quake Games, Argentina company specializing in game development for web, social and mobile networks has ISO9001 certification and has developed more than 75 games for international companies. It is Tecnico Universitario in Graphic Design and Bachelor of Social Communication.


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