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Magisterial Talk: "The role of Audio in a non-linear and interactive medium: Videogames"

Game Audio

► In charge of Eugenio Fernández Taboada and Sebastián Pappalardo (Argentine Association of Audiovisual Sounds)

Days: 25 August 2018 Saturday
Schedule: 10: 30 13 to: 00 hours.
Location: Image Campus (Salta 239, CABA)

Since videogames are a non-linear art, they require logic and specific tools to allow composing music and sound design works that take into account the interactivity of the medium.

In the talk, work mechanisms will be exposed through the exemplification of games and the implementation of sound and music. Different integration tasks will be presented with the development engine and the possibilities of creating interactive sound-musical works with the gamer, adaptive with the events of the game and self-generative.

The objective of this talk is to facilitate the knowledge on ways of working applied to Game Audio, how they improve the game experience, help to generate a greater immersive effect and a better work flow with Programmers and Game Designers.

Brief professional review
Eugenio Fernández Taboada:
Audio Recording and Post-Production Technician, Sound Designer and Bachelor of Audiovisual Arts Sound orientation. He has worked in the Audio world for all Audiovisual Media: Cinema, TV, Advertising Spots, Animation, Multimedia Projects and Installations. For a few years he began to specialize in the specific Sound treatment required by the non-linear world of Video Games. Dedicated to the Teaching and Research and Artistic Production of Sound, he designed and implemented Study Plans for every need of the Audiovisual Art industry. Referent of the Sound Area and the Professional Training Path of Image Campus. FILMOGRAPHY:
Sebastián Pappalardo:
Sound Designer and Audio Postproducer. He was born in Buenos Aires, he lived in Chile and the Netherlands. He specializes in post-production for audiovisual media. He worked as editor, operator and sound designer in more 40 projects for film, television and documentaries. He also worked in advertising and animation. For years he has been studying the role of audio and code in immersive media. He is currently developing and implementing Assets for the Mad Rollers Multi-Player and Tower Defense (VR) games.
Especially recommended for students of:
- Soundmen, Musicians, Programmers, Game Designers, Producers and interested in the work of Audio for Videogames. - Superior Technician in Videogame Development.
- Superior Technique in Art and Animation for Videogames.
- Video Game and Game Art Programming Paths.

► For Image Campus students validate up to 5 CEPPIC points

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