Higher Technician in
Production and Animation 3D

Official Title with National Validity
Res. No. 185/18 SSPLINED
Ministry of Education - DGEGP
Duration: 3 years.
Start Date: March 2021
Student credits (in order of appearance): Facundo de la Vega, Tomás Fowler, Guido Garin, Joaquin Angilello, Lucía Pugliese, Natalia Serrano, Fiorella DeStefano, Nicolas Moscato, Fernando Gromaz, Sofia Hansen, Jean Luc Maynard.

Superior Technique in Production and Animation 3D

Official Title with National Validity
Res. No. 185/18 SSPLINED
Ministry of Education - DGEGP
Duration: 3 years.
Start Date: March 2021
In this career you will learn everything you need about 3D art to participate in any production of film, advertising, videogames, VR, augmented reality and applications in different emerging new technologies.
This field evolves too quickly. For this reason it is a priority to be up to date with the software, hardware and procedures used today. Our teachers work in the industry and have years of experience in the field.
The production of a short animated or Pixar-style movie or Dreamworks, the most widespread advertisements in television and networks, or the 3D art for videogames require a great amount of knowledge and specializations very particular within the 3D Production.
In this race the whole process is contemplated, you will learn to create from scratch all the necessary elements for the different uses of the 3D. From the design of characters, scenarios, weapons, vehicles, to elements or advanced details such as special effects, explosions, fire, liquids. The programs include technical issues (textures and skeletons to animate our creations) as artistic perspectives that allow the creation of realistic animations as well as cartoons, both for movies and videogames.

What do you learn ?

All the production process of 3D Art for Cinema, Videogames, Advertising, Architecture, or new technologies.

Creation of inorganic 3D models for the creation of scenarios and backgrounds, vehicles, furniture, weapons and everything necessary for productions with professional quality and finishing.

Creation of textures on models with realistic appearance respecting the laws of physics or with a cartoon style known as Handmade.

Creation of digital sculptures for 3D printing or animation, with the necessary work process to make it usable.

Study of anatomy, proportions, facial anatomy, muscular groups of man and woman, adaptation to animals and creatures, information that will allow you to create correctly any character, creature or monster.

Design your own characters, model them, texture them, prepare them for animation and animate them with the quality required by professional productions.

Create control systems to animate any element you need: characters, objects, animals or whatever.

Professional animation techniques based on the principles of Disney animation, so that your characters are endowed with life as we normally see in animated films.

Fundamental concepts for working 3D art for videogames.

Design and creation of scenarios, both realistic and not, that include vegetation, bodies of water, mountains, cities, terrains or interior scenarios and how to endow them with life, a process known as Set Dressing.

Creation of the final image, result of all the other 3D processes.

Lighting of the scenes and characters, creation of materials and completion of the process (render).

Creation of special effects to use on your scenes completely 3D or on real footage (footage tracking).

Creation of simulations to achieve effects such as smoke, fire, explosions, things that are destroyed, liquids, realistic fabrics (clothes of characters for example), particles. And how to apply them in our scenes.

Narrative concepts to create your own scripts and ideas.

Creation of production scripts (technical scripts) so that the conception of an idea comes to fruition.

Post-production techniques, to close the 3D elements in a single audiovisual piece.

Understanding of the current industry, legal and commercial scope and circuits to present your work and insert yourself professionally in the industry.

Planning a sustainable business scheme, considering all production flows for the creation of your study or business.

Requirements: Secondary degree
Software to Use
Autodesk Maya, Houdini, SubstanceDesigner, SubstancePainter, 3DCoat, 3dMax, PixologicZBrush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects, TheFoundryNuke, Unreal.

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Required fields

Graduate Profile

Studying the Tertiary Career Production and Animation 3D, you can work in audiovisual production of TV, cinema, advertising, video games, architecture studios, or own projects such as:

  • Modeler characters
  • Modeler objects and scenery
  • texturizer
  • Sculptor
  • Scenario designer
  • Illuminator
  • Animator
  • Rigger
  • Simulation creator
  • render
  • Post-producer in Vfx
TO RECEIVE YOU MUST APPROVE A FINAL CAREER WORK: the creation of a personalized Reel Demo, demonstrating your knowledge and talents in the particular area in which you want to perform professionally, with the aim of being sent to studies as a cover letter.

Labor Field

Can I work in other disciplines?
Yes, in professional areas such as Interior Design (modeling objects such as furniture), audiovisual postproduction, or printing 3D.
And internationally?

It is also a source of opportunities. Pablo Toscano, graduated from Image Campus, serves as Cinematic Art Director at Ubisoft Canada. It is a clear example that the knowledge and skills acquired, qualify our graduates to enter large studios and international animation producers, 3D, video games, among others.

Employment Center

Image Campus has a EMPLOYMENT CENTER where he publishes periodically JOB SEARCHES requested by the most important companies in this industry and with a system of INTERNSHIP in companies, aimed at the most advanced students of careers.



Fundamentals of 3D tools
Creation of Materials and Textures 3D
History of art
History of animation



Inorganic Modeling 3D
Introduction to the principles of animation 3D
Advanced development of Materials and Textures
Creation and Character Design Workshop
Introduction to production
Morphology and image analysis in genres and styles


1 Professional Practice: Digital Sculpture
3D Skeleton
Animation of 3D characters
Theatrical performance
Visual and animative script workshop
Direction and visual language workshop



Skeletons advanced 3D
Advanced animation techniques 3D
Lighting and render
Color Workshop
Organic Modeling 3D
Scenarios and Funds


simulations 3D
Advanced lighting and rendering
2 Professional Practice
Analysis of 3D tools
Production and editing of sound
3 Professional Practice: Animation with engines



Legislation and business planning
3 Professional Practice: Demo Reel Production
Advanced Analysis of 3D Tools
Circuits of the Animation Industry and Management of Innovative Projects
4 Professional Practice: Visual Effects

Design Content

Area Educational Campus Image Management
Our curriculum, developed in collaboration with companies and leading professionals from the main creative industries are the most recognized in the areas of Design, Animation 2D and 3D, Video Games, Programming and Applied Development.

Companies and / or professionals who collaborated in the design of the curriculum:


Alexis Fioretti

Teacher, professional and co-founder of Waypoint Studios, with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. He worked in an interdisciplinary way in the areas of video games, architecture and advertising. As Manager and 3D artist, he developed internationally recognized projects such as Fishing Kings, Hawks or Siberian Strike, among others, for Gameloft. With knowledge of the main software on the market, he currently plays the role of Environmental Artist at Nimble Giant Entertainment working in video games. As a teacher and professional in such a specific field, she remains at the forefront of the latest trends to drive and incentivize the growth of this industry. Specialties: Teaching and research in 3D art.
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Pablo Hernán Fernández

Self-taught, after studying Bachelor in Computer Science at UNLP became interested in computer art section, devoting himself full time to the discipline of 3D. Starting with 3D Studio for DOS passed variety of projects and platforms accumulated experience in many different facets of production in both advertising and video games and film. In 2006 was integrated as a teacher at Image Campus passing many specialties such as modeling, texturing, effects, rigging, animation, simulations, acting, software and training courses to companies.

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with the latest generation computers. One PC per Student with all the Software required for each course.


Does the title is official?
Yes. Official resolution number RESOL-2018-185-SSPLINED - Ministry of Education - DGEGP
Still not finished high school, I can start studying something related, to serve me for the race?

Yes, you can start studying some of the Vocational Training Paths:

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