Technician in Cartoon

Learn Digital Illustration and Animation with Toon Boom, Autodesk Maya, Krita and Adobe Suite

Credits: Selena Liao, Esteban Dunand, Matilda Segura.




3 years
Minimum workload: 1600 teaching hours


March 20




Official title
endorsed by the Ministry of

limited quotas

Chosen by the best animation schools in the world under the new evaluation criteria of Animation Racing Review.

Learn how to create, design and produce your own cartoons at a professional level for an industry with national and international projection. You will discover the best techniques and tools that are used in all stages of development of an animated production, so that your projects look with a superior quality. If you are passionate about the idea of ​​creating characters and worlds that become stories, this race is for you.

Epic Games
Unreal Engine - Authorized Training Center

Did you know that we are the First Unreal Authorized Training Center in Latin America? (Authorized Training Center – ATC)
We are recognized by Epic Games for continuing to offer the highest quality content in relation to Unreal Engine. We have access to exclusive content for partners and the most recent updates to their study plans among other benefits.

What do you learn?

The cartoon career prepares you to create any type of animated project from start to finish, going through all the stages of a professional production through constant practice and teamwork.

Learn how to write original scripts and stories, develop storyboards and layouts, drawing, digital painting, background illustration, and how to design and bring characters to life through animation.

You will acquire solid knowledge in animation techniques and styles so that you can successfully face the challenges present in a 2D CG (computer generated), 3D CG and traditional animation production, retouching and digital post-production of audiovisual pieces to later give it a professional finish to any animated production of short films, video games, advertisements, series, feature films and animation video clips for different formats.

The career provides you with all the tools so that you learn to solve the problems of varying complexity that arise in all animated production and that you can choose wisely the correct path so that they come to fruition, a key aspect to become a professional that marks the difference.

It´s about the know-how

Our graduates develop and produce content simulating a real professional practice environment. Upon graduation this allows you to display a solid personal portfolio to stand out and show your potential, a key competitive advantage to enter the industry or undertake your own projects.

Look at some of the productions made by students during the career.


1st Semester
  • History of art
  • Basic Drawing Tools
  • Fundamentals of Visual Language and Genres
  • Traditional Object Animation
  • Narrative
  • History of Animation
2st Semester
  • Workshop Technical Writer
  • Introduction to Production and Styles
  • Traditional Stock Animation
  • Image Morphology and Analysis in Genres and Styles
  • Character Design Workshop
  • Drawing for Animation
3st Semester
  • Theatrical performance
  • Storyboard and Animation Workshop
  • Backgrounds and Scenographies
  • Character Performance Animation
  • 3D Elements for Cartoons
  • Professional Practice: Live Model Drawing
4st Semester
  • Three-dimensional modeling and rendering
  • Experimental and Advanced Animation Techniques
  • Sound Production and Editing
  • Painting and Color Theory
  • Professional Practice: Animal Anatomical Drawing
5st Semester
  • Art direction
  • Animation for Videogames
  • Development of Digital Animation by Clipping
  • Professional Practice: Short Film Production Workshop I
  • Three Dimensional Animation
6st Semester
  • Digital Postproduction
  • 3D Character Skeleton
  • Short film production workshop II
  • Graphic Design and Professional Profile
  • Cartoon Industry Circuits and Innovative Project Management
  • Professional Practice: Short Film Production Workshop II

Main tools and software to use in Comprehensive Cartoon Production

Toon Boom, logo icono de software programa
Dragon Bones, logo icono de software programa
CTP, logo icono de software programa
Monkey Jam, logo icono de software programa
Spriter software logo
Autodesk Maya modelado de 3D icono logo software
Krita, logo icono de software programa
Adobe CC, logo icono de software programa
UV Layout, logo icono de software programa

Areas where our graduates work

Illustration and backgrounds


2D and 3D animation

Animated Character Design

Editing, Composition and Postproduction

Writer for Cartoons

Concept art

Work Field

Can I work in other disciplines?
Yes, in professional areas such as motion graphics, 3D animation and art direction.

Are there national industries with employment opportunities?
There is a growing demand for professionals specialized in 2D and 3D animation, concept art and composition / post-production. There are very important companies and studios that make feature films, short films, series, advertising, and art for video games, destined for the internal and external market. In this sense, our graduates are highly valued by the industry due to their differential in solving problems and focus on professional practice.

And internationally?
The degree allows you to work for all types of international animation, advertising and video game studios and production companies, among others. Many of our graduates work freelance from Argentina or emigrate abroad and settle in different countries of the world.

Can I work independently?
Yes, because our students graduate with solid knowledge of the labor market and its projection, production lines, costs and business planning. This comprehensive vision enables them to undertake their own projects.

What our graduates have to say

Luciana Bertot, estudiante y egresada de Image Campus
Luciana Bertot
Concept Artist - The Other Guys

In addition to my degree, at Image I had the opportunity to explore other paths and meet people from the animation field for video games. The knowledge that the race gave me allowed me to face this new challenge and dedicate myself to what I like the most.

Santiago Villa, estudiante y egresado de Image Campus
santiago villa
Art & Creative - Director

Before studying at Image I did not know anyone who made a living from animation and who could guide me to make this a profession. The career provided me with tools and a network of contacts to enter the industry. After 10 years I continue to apply many concepts learned and I only have thanks to the institution.

Cinthya Perez Daubert, estudiante y egresada de Image Campus
Cynthia Perez
Daubert - Assistant Director

The Image experience was fabulous. I had the best professionals in the industry as teachers and I had an excellent group of colleagues. I learned all the processes involved in making a short or animated series, not only drawing and animating but also writing scripts, directing, storyboards, sound, post-production, motion graphics and 3D animation.

Marcos Ribatto, Co Owner Error 404, egresado de Image Campus
Mark Ribatto
Co Owner - Error 404

Image is doing an outstanding job. It is only enough to know its graduates, with a solid knowledge base and adapted to the needs of the industry. I admire the constant growth they show year after year.

Some companies where our graduates work

Ubisoft, empresas donde trabajan egresados de Image Campus
Cartoon Network, empresas donde trabajan egresados de Image Campus
Pixoul, empresas donde trabajan egresados de Image Campus
Etermax, empresas donde trabajan egresados de Image Campus
Graphic Designo Studio, empresas donde trabajan egresados de Image Campus
Heaven Game Studios, empresas donde trabajan egresados de Image Campus
Wild Life, empresas donde trabajan egresados de Image Campus
the other guys - logo
nimble giant entertainment logo
Join the Image community

Networking and teamwork will allow you to meet professionals and students from various disciplines that are part of the ecosystem of the video game industry. Image is the ideal space to generate opportunities and relationships that enhance your professional future.

Companies are looking for you

Image Campus is connected to a robust network of companies that seeks and values ​​the academic quality of our students and graduates.
Be part of this community and apply to your next challenge.

Image Campus students have a world-class educational platform Blackboard Ultra to see the recordings of online classes again, deliver TPs, check attendance, course schedules, qualifications, internal communication, forums and consultations, among many other benefits.

For a high quality live streaming experience, they will access the Zoom Premium platform, embedded in Blackboard.

Infraestructura y Recursos Tecnológicos de Image Campus

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the title official?
Yes. Official resolution number RES. 317/18 –SSPLINED - Ministry of Education - DGEGP

Who is it for?
High school graduates who like cinema, video games, animation and wish to develop professionally in the field of illustration, animation, video games, and advertising.

Can I take first year if I matters of secondary (high school)?
Yes, you must present the corresponding proof. You can take the first semester if you owe up to 2 subjects, and take the partial ones as a conditional student until July.

What happens if I do not pass any of the subjects I owe from the middle level?
You will be free, but once your academic situation is regularized, you will be able to resume the course in the instance in which you were free.

What are the entry requirements?
Pay annual tuition and present the secondary degree, along with the rest of the documentation and you will have to take a compulsory leveling course.

What documentation do I have to submit?

  • Original and Photocopy of DNI
  • Photocopy of the Legalized Medium Level Certificate of Studies (secondary).
  • 2 Passport photos 4 x 4
  • Medical fit

Do I have to go to Image Campus for registration?
You can manage your registration in person or remotely. In this case, you must complete the online pre-registration form with your data, send the front and back of the DNI (scanned) and pay the registration via bank deposit or electronic transfer.

Can I register if I don't have a good animation or illustration base?
Yes, but once you are registered you will have to reinforce your knowledge through the leveling course.

I have not finished high school yet, can I start studying something related, that will help me for my career?
Yes, you can take the following Specialization Paths/Courses:

Is the Technique dictated in online mode?
No, only in face-to-face mode.

Do they approve approved subjects in other institutions?
Only subjects that have been approved in other institutions incorporated into official Argentine education are homologated.

What are the requirements for foreign students?

  • Original and Photocopy of Passport or Document (1st and 2nd sheet).
  • Original and Photocopy of the Certificate of Secondary Studies, legalized and apostilled in the country of issuance of the title and validated by the Ministry of Education of the Argentine Nation.
  • 2 4 x 4 passport photos.
  • Medical certificate.
  • Certificate of Lack of Criminal Records issued in the country of the last 5 years of residence.
  • Certificate of Lack of Criminal Records issued in Argentina.

Is my high school degree valid if it was issued abroad?
The full validity of the degree is accredited if you studied in any of these countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela.
Extra graduates Mercosur countries should pay the following matters:
HISTORY 1st - 2nd - 3rd


Walter Lazzari, profesor de Image Campus
Walter Lazzari


Juen M;anuel Esteva, profesor de Image Campus
Juan Manuel Esteva

Reference Professor

Pablo Accame, profesor de Image Campus
Pablo Accame

Reference Professor

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    Credits of the images used to illustrate the cover: Selena Liao, Esteban Dunand, Matilda Segura.