Higher Technique in Realization
Comprehensive Cartoon

Digital Illustration and 2D Animation

Images of students. Credits: Luciana Bertot, Javier Inga, Daniel Jervis, Ricardo Jurado, Ana Benson, Federico Bernet, Tomás Hadida, Agustín Sueiro, Nerina Taltavull, Juan Vera, Natalia Toloza, Micaela Toloza, Tatiana Pirogovsky, Darío Costa, Cynthia Perez Daubert




3 years.


March 15


Secondary degree


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Learn how to create, design and produce your own cartoons at a professional level for an industry with national and international projection. You will discover the best techniques and tools that are used in all stages of development of an animated production, so that your projects look with a superior quality. If you are passionate about the idea of ​​creating characters and worlds that become stories, this race is for you.

What do you learn?

The cartoon career prepares you to create any type of animated project from start to finish, going through all the stages of a professional production through constant practice and teamwork.

Learn how to write original scripts and stories, develop storyboards and layouts, drawing, digital painting, background illustration, and how to design and bring characters to life through animation.

You will acquire solid knowledge in animation techniques and styles so that you can successfully face the challenges present in a 2D CG (computer generated), 3D CG and traditional animation production, retouching and digital post-production of audiovisual pieces to later give it a professional finish to any animated production of short films, video games, advertisements, series, feature films and animation video clips for different formats.

The career provides you with all the tools so that you learn to solve the problems of varying complexity that arise in all animated production and that you can choose wisely the correct path so that they come to fruition, a key aspect to become a professional that marks the difference.

The difference is in knowing how to do

Our graduates develop and produce simulating a real professional practice environment. Upon graduation, you will be able to display a solid personal portfolio to stand out and show your potential, a key competitive advantage to enter the industry or undertake your own projects.

Look at some of the productions made by students during the career.

Main software to use

Toon Boom, software used for animation
Dragon Bones, animation software icon
CTP software illustration icon
Monkey Jam, software icon animation
UV Layout, software textures for cartoon icon
Spritter, software used for animation and icon development
Maya Autodesk, software for 3D icon animation
krita, software for cartoon icon animation
Adobe CC Creative Cloud, multi application software

Why choose Image Campus


65% of the students who choose to study at Image Campus do so on the recommendation of graduates and professionals who work in the sector.

Academic excellence

We design the contents in conjunction with leading companies and prominent professionals so that you learn to creatively solve the challenges present in professional practice.


Image is the ideal space to meet companies, professionals and students from various disciplines that are part of the Animation industry ecosystem.

Labor Projection

Through our employment center and agreement of internships, you can connect with companies in the sector that are constantly looking for talent.

Community and Events

We are the official headquarters of many of the main Events of national and international videogames. Join the Image community and come create challenging projects.


We have the most powerful and updated Technological infrastructure so that your experience in the classroom is of another level. Do you want to know more?
Enter here.


We are the first specialized school in gaming and animation in Argentina and a pioneer in Latin America with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

What do our graduates think

Luciana Bertot, graduated from the Higher Technique in Comprehensive Cartoon Production at Image Campus
Luciana Bertot
Concept artist
The Other Guys

In addition to my degree, at Image I had the opportunity to explore other paths and meet people from the animation field for video games. The knowledge that the race gave me allowed me to face this new challenge and dedicate myself to what I like the most.

Marcos Ribatto, graduate of Image Campus
Marcos Ribatto
Co Owner
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Image is doing an outstanding job. All you have to do is know your graduates, with a solid knowledge base adapted to the needs of the Industry. I admire the constant growth they show year after year.

Santiago Villa, Art & Creative Director, graduate of Image Campus
Santiago Villa
Art & Creative

Before studying at Image I did not know anyone who made a living from animation and who could guide me to make this a profession. The career provided me with tools and a network of contacts to enter the industry. After 10 years I continue to apply many concepts learned and I only have thanks to the institution.

Cinthya Perez Daubert, Assistant Director and graduate of Image Campus
Cinthya Perez
Assistant Director

The Image experience was fabulous. I had the best professionals in the industry as teachers and I had an excellent group of colleagues. I learned all the processes involved in making a short or animated series, not only drawing and animating but also writing scripts, directing, storyboards, sound, post-production, motion graphics and 3D animation.

Some companies where our graduates work

Ubisoft, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Cartoon Network, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Pixoul, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Etermax, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Graphic Designo Studio, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Heaven Game Studios, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Laposta, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Wild Life, companies where Image Campus graduates work
Le Cube, companies where Image Campus graduates work

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    Infrastructure and Technological Resources of Image Campus

    Infrastructure and Technological Resources

    In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers. One PC per student with all the software required for each course.

    Areas where our graduates work

    Illustration and backgrounds


    2D and 3D animation

    Animated character design

    Editing, composition
    and post-production

    Screenwriter for

    Conceptual art

    Professionals who collaborated in the design of the study plan

    Walter Lazzari, professional of animated characters and Traditional 2D Animation and Cut-Out, professor at Image Campus

    Walter Lazzari 
    Professional of animated characters and traditional 2D animation and cut-out. He worked for prestigious studios such as: Hook Up, Indiecito SA, Fort Music, Illusion Studios, Bujos. He worked as a professional of animated characters for advertising, cinema and television series, forming part of the animation area in films such as Martín Fierro, an animated adventure, An egg movie, Boogie the oily and series like Omi's ship, Doodlebops y Bondiband for Disney XD and Disney Junior. He also directed a winning series of a contest for INCAA Martin and Terry and made storyboards for the winning series of a contest for INCAA called Girls stories. Walter actively collaborates in the cartoon industry, transferring knowledge to new generations of future professionals.

    Juan Manuel Esteva, Teacher, Professional 3D and 2D digital animator and Cut-Out. Graduated from the career in Comprehensive Cartoon Production from Image Campus in 2009

    Juan Manuel Esteva
    Professional 3D and 2D digital and cut-cut animator. Graduated from the career in Integral Production of Cartoons from Image Campus in 2009. He was co-scriptwriter and background artist for the short film Graduation CAT OUT which was selected to be exhibited at the most important festivals of the animated industry such as: Annecy (France), Anima mundi (Brazil), Pisaf (Korea) and Quiero Animarte (Argentina). He has worked in feature films such as Tales from the jungle" Nests and the floating circus, Omission, Hugo, Paco, Luís and three girls in pink; animated television series such as Tincho e I, and projects for MTV, Coca Cola, Le Cube, Comedy Central and Plaza Sésamo. He currently works as coordinator of the Higher Technique in Integral Production of Cartoons and teacher of the same and of the career of Production Production and 3D Animation.

    Pablo Accame, CEO of the VFX Control Studio SAS and professor at Image Campus

    Pablo Accame
    Pablo is CEO of the VFX studio Control Studio SAS and the producer of children's content and animation The tree house SRL, where he works as executive producer and director and has been working in national and international productions for more than 16 years. He teaches introductory production and professional practice subjects such as the 3D Short Film and Short Film Workshop. He directed, among others, the animated series Zapata Science for which he received the award for best television series at the 2018 KOLIBRI International Festival for Children and Adolescents Award. He also published as an illustrator Emails from the island of Cayman Tuerto (Editorial Brujita de Papel).


    1st Semester

    • History of art
    • Basic drawing tools
    • Visual language fundamentals
    • Traditional object animation
    • Narrative
    • History of animation

    2st Semester

    • Drawings for animation
    • Character design workshop
    • Introduction to production
    • Traditional action animation
    • Morphology and analysis of images in genres and styles
    • Technical script workshop

    3st Semester

    • Theatrical performance
    • Animation of characters acting
    • Storyboard Workshop
    • Live model drawing
    • Backgrounds and scenery
    • Introduction 3D for animation

    4st Semester

    • Animal anatomical drawing
    • Advanced experimental animation techniques
    • Production and editing by aonido a
    • Painting and color theory
    • XNUMXD modeling and representation

    5st Semester

    • Art direction
    • Animation for video games
    • Development of animation by cuts
    • Short film production workshop I
    • Three-dimensional animation

    6st Semester

    • Digital post production
    • Skeleton and character animation 3D
    • Short film production workshop II
    • Graphic Design
    • Industry circuits