Higher Technician in
Comprehensive realization of

Official Title with National Validity
Res. No. 317/18 SSPLINED
Ministry of Education - DGEGP
Duration: 3 years.
Start Date: March 2021

Superior Technician in Integral Making Cartoons

Official Title with National Validity
Res. No. 317/18 SSPLINED
Ministry of Education - DGEGP
Duration: 3 years.
Start Date: March 2021
The integral realization of cartoons is a fascinating creative process where you can experience and master in a practical way the creation of audiovisual worlds, animated characters, stories, illustration, digital painting and different animation techniques such as traditional, digital cut out and 3D.
Animation is one of the most used techniques in the audiovisual world. It can be found transmedially in feature films, TV series, web series, documentaries, advertisements, video games and video clips. At the end of your studies you will have the technical, artistic and creative knowledge that will allow you to master the secrets of the trade and you will be able to insert successfully in the animated realization in the different areas:
  • Pre-production: illustration, character design, backgrounds and storyboards, script.
  • Production: traditional animation, experimental techniques, digital 2D, color and 3D.
  • Post-production: editing, composition, sonomontage and effects.
In the Argentine animation industry, in the last decades, there have been more than 30 films and infinity animated series and original productions for film, TV, mobile and web. In addition, it is the first Latin American country to have its own television channel dedicated to the children's audience that annually generates several animated national productions.

What do you learn ?

Direction and cartoon projects comprehensively.

Creation and writing of original scripts for animated audiovisual pieces.

Narrative development of storyboards and layouts as a production context.

Drawing, digital painting, illustration of backgrounds and character design for animation and design in different styles (Cartoon, anime, superheroes, European animation, Disney style, among others).

Animations using traditional, digital and / or experimental methods and techniques (pixilation, stop motion, digital cut out, video games, among others).

Harmonization of methods and traditional animation techniques with new applied technologies (digital 2D and 3D).

Management software for designing animation and cartoon production 2D and 3D.

Skill in 3D for animation, modeling, rigging and rendering.

Retouching and digital postproduction of audiovisual works to give a professional finish.

Understand the animated production of short films, video games, advertisements, feature films and animated video clips for different formats and functions (educational, promotional, artistic, entertainment).

Requirements: Secondary title and portfolio of drawings, and personal illustrations.
Software to Use
CTP, Monkey Jam, Krita, Spriter, Dragon bones, Autodesk Maya, Adobe CC suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, Adobe media encoder), UV Layout, Toon boom.

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Required fields

Graduate Profile

Our graduates are recognized in the medium for their professional quality and their high performance in the different areas of the animated production. Studying the Tertiary Career Integral Cartoons Realization, you will be able to perform in audiovisual productions of TV, video games, cinema and publicity, or in own projects, carrying out the following tasks:

  • Illustrator / concept artist
  • Character designer
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Writer for Cartoons
  • Innkeeper
  • Animator (Traditional, Digital 2D, cut out and 3D)
  • Editor, composer and post-producer
  • Production Coordinators
TO RECEIVE YOU MUST APPROVE A FINAL CAREER WORK: a group production of a short cartoon, which will integrate all the knowledge acquired and will serve as a portfolio in the workplace. For the quality achieved, some of these short films have won awards at national and international competitions.

Labor Field

Can I work in other disciplines?
Yes, in the following areas: comics, manga, illustration for books, audiovisual production and 2D art for video games.
What are the possibilities of employment abroad?

The international market also provides an opportunity. The knowledge that you have purchased will to enter important animation studios and animation.

Employment Center

Image Campus has a EMPLOYMENT CENTER where he publishes periodically JOB SEARCHES requested by the most important companies in this industry and with a system of INTERNSHIP in companies, aimed at the most advanced students of careers.



History of art
Basic Drawing Tools
Fundamentals of Visual Language
Traditional Object Animation
History of Animation



Character Design Workshop
Introduction to production
Traditional action animation
Morphology and analysis of images in genres and styles
Workshop Technical Writer


Theatrical performance
Animation of characters acting
Storyboard Workshop
Live Model Drawing
Backgrounds and scenery
Introduction 3D for animation



Drawing Animal Anatomy
Advanced Experimental Techniques of Animation
Production and edition of Sound a
Painting and Color Theory
Three-dimensional modeling and rendering


Art direction
Animation for Videogames
Development of animation by cuts
Short Film Production Workshop I
Three Dimensional Animation



Digital Postproduction
Skeleton and character animation 3D
Short Film Production Workshop II
Graphic design
Industry Circuits

Design Content

Area Educational Campus Image Management
Our curriculum, developed in collaboration with companies and leading professionals from the main creative industries are the most recognized in the areas of Design, Animation 2D and 3D, Video Games, Programming and Applied Development.

Companies and / or professionals who collaborated in the design of the curriculum:


Jorge Cuellar Rendón

Professional artist passionate about the direction of art, illustration, animation and character design for projects of cartoons, motion graphics, advertising and video games for different media and brands such as: Mtv, Sesame Plaza, Visa, Disney Channel, Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, Cocacola, Paka Paka, Filmax, TDA, Telefe, Microsoft, Tenaris, Personal Kids, Kidloom among others. Bachelor of Business Design and Communication (UP), Senior Technician in Comprehensive Realization of Cartoons and graduated from the professional path of Motion Graphics of the Image Campus Institute. Currently, he is Technical Coordinator of the Superior Technique in Cartoons, of the Technique of Traditional and Digital Animation 2D, and of the digital graphic, illustration and animation area 2D in Image Campus.

Walter Lazzari

Professional 2D and Cut-Out professional character animator. I work for different prestigious studios such as: Hook Up, Indiecito SA, Fort Music, Illusion Studios, Bujos, among others. He worked as a character animator for advertising, cinema and television series, forming part of the animation area in films such as "Martín Fierro, an animated adventure", "A film of eggs", "Boogie the oily"; Series such as "The Ship of Omi", "Doodlebops", "Bondiband" For the channels Disney XD and Disney Junior. He directed a winning series of a contest for the INCAA called "Martin and Terry" He made Storyboards for the winning series of a contest for the INCAA called "Historias Chicas". He currently works as a Freelance Animator, Teacher and Coordinator of the career of "Integral Cartographer" and "Animation Techniques, Design and Illustration" at Image Campus.

Juan Manuel Esteva

Professional animator 3D and 2D digital and Cut-Out. Graduate of the "Integral Cartoons" career of Image Campus at 2009. He was co-scriptwriter and fund artist for the short film "CAT OUT", which was selected to exhibit at the most important festivals of the animated industry such as "Annecy - France", "Anima mundi - Brazil" And "I want to Animarte - Argentina". He has worked in feature films such as "Jungle Tales", "Anida and the Floating Circus", "Omission", "Hugo, Paco, Luis and three pink girls"; Animated television series such as "Tincho" and "Ich", and projects for MTV, Coca Cola, Le Cube, Comedy Central, Sesame Street. He currently works as a coordinator of the career of "Integral Cartoons Director" and teacher of the same and of the career of "Production of Graphics 3d and Animation for Cinema".

Infrastructure and Technological Resources

In a building environment specially designed for our activity, all our classrooms are equipped with the latest generation computers. One PC per Student with all the Software required for each course.


Does the title is official?
Yes. Official resolution number Res. No. 2018-317-SSPLINED - Ministry of Education - DGEGP
Can I register even though I can not know how to draw?
Yes. From the first quarter of illustration concepts that will enable significantly improve the drawing, and facilitate for later animation you will be.


Cartoon characters

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Buenos Aires, Argentina


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