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Artist: Emilio Tori

At Image Campus we have more than 20 years of educational experience training professionals in the industry of Design, Illustration, 2D / 3D Animation, Videogames, Robotics, Programming, Immersive Technologies and Applied Development.

In our technical courses, you will have a comprehensive training that will allow you to have a broader panorama of the different roles that you can exercise when looking for your first job.

Ideal for recent high school graduates or people who have ample time availability (8 hours a day recommended). Classes are taught by industry professionals, and upon graduation you will receive an official qualification with national validity. Duration: 3 years.

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Higher tecnicaturas

Technician in Video Game Development

Technician in Production and Animation 3D

Technician in Video Game Art and Animation

Technician in Cartoon Production

Higher Technique in Production and Conceptual Design of Videogames
(Game design)

Distance Racing

Higher Technician in 3D Animation for Video Games

Online – remotely

Higher Technician in Video Game Programming

Online – remotely

Higher Technician in Concept Art

Online – remotely