Training for Companies

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Since its inception Image Campus has stood out for professional training for companies and government agencies. To this day we maintain the same spirit and commitment, that is why the most prestigious companies in the country and the different organizations continue to trust us when choosing us.
To provide adequate attention, we have a specific department for the attention of large clients.

Additional Services

  • Through level tests we evaluate the real knowledge of your staff based on which we suggest the most suitable training.
  • We follow up on the training provided and a final report for the hiring management.
  • Image Campus is registered in the SEPYME registry as a Training Unit.


  • In Company: We train directly in your company
  • Online: through the use of our Zoom Meeting streaming platform.
  • In Image Campus: regular or intensive courses taken, or exclusive calendar for your company


We are UCAP

Image Campus is the Training Unit (UCAP) of the Tax Credit Program for SME Training of the Ministry of Productive Development. Allows the company to recover UP TO 100% of the cost of training your employees.
This Program applies to all our academic offerings, whether courses or careers, both face-to-face and virtual.

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Some companies and institutions that have tried our courses