2D Illustrator – Ref: 22-550

Illustration of assets, characters and backgrounds for videogames.

Interactive Developer – Ref: 22-549

Developer of art and design or interactive programming, augmented and virtual reality, conceptual interactive art, programming and implementation of interactive solutions.

Escape room designer – Ref: 22-548

Armed and design of escape rooms.

2D Stylized / Toon Artist – Ref: 22-547

At BWstudios.co we are looking for artists for a new toon-style video game project for children. BWstudios is focused on developing video games for children from 4 to 12 years old with a high entertainment potential and an added value of knowledge. Remote and full time work.

Designer – Ref: 22-546

In all cases it is a remote freelance. The professional can master one or more of the specialties detailed in the following lines: AFFTER EFFECTS, 3D MODELING, 3D ANIMATION, PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR, INDESIGN, EDITORIAL. Resolution of work according to brief provided by the agency.

General practitioners, 3D modelers and texturizers – Ref: 22-545

We are looking for a talented person in 3D software. That, from the reference of an object, with several views, it can reconstruct it three-dimensionally with the appropriate topology on the need for the 3D supervisor.