Technical Artist - Remote - Ref: 20-410

Company: Boxisoft

Position to be filled: Technical Artist

Job Description:

Do you want to join a growing, flexible company with a great work environment that is developing several of the most important projects in the region?


Monitor important technicalities for programmers and artists. Prepare deliveries and answer final art production inquiries and integration to projects under development. Collaborate with artists as well as lead programmers.

Exclusionary requirements:

More than 2 years of experience working as a Technical Artist within the videogame industry (it is a PLUS). Experience in modeling, texturing and animation. Knowledge of Substance Painter, Photoshop, Blender, Spyne. Advanced knowledge of Unity (import, materials, FX effects, scene optimization, lighting and texture baking). Knowledge of Unreal (it is a PLUS). Programming experience related to 3D and 2D graphics. Knowledge and interest in video games, graphic hardware, APIs and graphic techniques (normal mapping, antialiasing, lighting, etc). Knowledge of agile work methodologies. Good predisposition for teamwork.

Non-exclusive requirements:


Age: Indistinct

Workplace: Remote

Modality: Freelance

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