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3D Generalist Sr. (Team Coordination Manager) – Ref: 23-561

Company: DIARC Studio

Position to be covered: 3D Generalist Sr. (Team Coordination Manager)

Job Description:

We are a Digital Architecture studio focused on creating experiences in the Metaverse and we are looking for a person with a team leader profile, proactive and organized; to coordinate different work teams in the areas of 3D modeling and texturing of assets and integration with Unity and Unreal Engine engines.


• Global management of ongoing projects.
• Team work cordination.
• Monitoring the status of projects and resources.
• File management and project documentation.

Exclusionary requirements:

• Graduated from Design career.
(Industrial, 3D Modeling, Videogames or related).
• Use of resource and document management tools.
• Advanced level of 3D modeling for videogames/assets (Blender, Maya, 3d Max).
• Advanced level of texturing of assets.
• Knowledge of handling Unity and/or Unreal Engine.

Non-exclusive requirements:

• Verifiable experience in team coordination.
• Proven experience in project management.
• Interest and experience in the Metaverse industry.
• Proactivity, curiosity and decision-making capacity.

Age: -

Place of work: CABA - Mixed (face-to-face/virtual)

Vacancies: 2

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