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Tips & News - After Effects - Puppet Tool

Adobe always surprises us with new versions of its programs. In each of these upgrades we find innovations, new applications and functions, as they define it: New ways of creating.

The updates released in the month of October of 2018 were not left behind with respect to the improvements. We find that some are very interesting. They offer us the possibility of enriching and facilitating our daily task with the use of these tools.

But how to count on the time required to explore each of these new functionalities and make the most of them?

To accompany our students, graduates and professionals of the community in this arduous task we created a new section in the Image Campus blog: "Tips & News". Which has as main objective to bring some of these innovations that are adding version after version.

In short videos, working directly on the interface of the program, we will try to show you in a very simple way those tools and functions that will give an added value to your work and your time.

We will start with the main Adobe software (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, among others), and then add "Tips & News" also from other important software programs that accompany our main training areas.

This time we will explore a new version of a tool called Puppet or Puppet that added this upgrade to Adobe After Effects. The Puppet tool already existed in the previous versions and allowed to move or distort the characters or images. The update influenced its functionality, making it a more flexible and practical tool with respect to the generation of movement under new parameters and scales.

Do you want to see in detail? Enter the video and watch the tutorial of Diego Mendel, our Content Coordinator, professor in the Multimedia Production Career, of the Motion Graphics Vocational Training Course and Image Campus consultant for business training.

Add added value to your jobs!

About Adobe After Effects

It is a program composition and post-production in layers used for creating motion graphics and special effects application 2D and 3D. This software is used by professionals in graphics and multimedia designers, video producers.

If you are interested in learning how to use this tool from scratch, you can consult our pre-essential course: Adobe After Effects Full. It has a duration of 36 hours, divided into 12 classes. During it you will be able to learn not only the program interface but also Animation with keyframes, Fixed and animated masks, Mattes, Effects, Rendering, 3D engine from After Effects and new functions 3D from CS6, Cameras and Lights, Pluggins from advanced effects, Text animation, integration with other programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Cinema 4D) and much more. + info:
If you are already working with graphics or video, you can expand your creative field adding animation tools such as motion graphics that will allow you to respond to changing advertising trends, TV channels (local and foreign) and video intervened. The task of the motiongrapher is very demanded at present: his expertise allows him to offer quick solutions, combining Art and Animation. + info:
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