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We congratulate our Students who will be the first interns at NGD Studios

At the beginning of 2019, IMAGE CAMPUS signed an internship agreement with NGD STUDIOS that in the month of August will be completed with four new interns. These internships are distinguished because both the company and the institution are committed to the continuity and completion of the studies of each intern. Such is the case, that the company will pay 50% of the cost of the studies of hired interns.

Of the 29 students who applied, four were selected and will begin their leased professional practice. The students Sofia Hansen y Ariel Kimin the Environment area, Leonel La Forgia y Leticia Pak in Concept Art. In addition, in the presentation of the portfolios there was one outstanding, of Lucia Bertot who was hired as a study employee. They belong to the Advanced Techniques in 3D Animation, Art and Animation for Video Games and Comprehensive Cartoon Performance.

As a pioneer institution in Argentina and the region dedicated to the training of professionals in all disciplines related to the art, animation and videogames industries, IMAGE CAMPUS It maintains a close relationship with studies, producers and professional associations in the country and abroad.

As part of the agreement NGD Studios He visited the institute and gave a talk for all interested students. Once the applicants' portfolios were reviewed, they returned general guidelines to the students to take into account when assembling their portfolio.

Some of the topics that were taken into account in their evaluation were: the number of pieces presented that demonstrate a rhythm of work, artistic and technical knowledge, workflow or the stages of the creative processes of ideas, versatility and ductility of the artist in both resources and styles, and finally, the update of the creations.

Interns will start their tasks at NGD Studios the August 12 and will be accompanied and mentor by the professor of Image Campus and 3D air freshener Alexis Fioretti, and by the illustrator and Concept Artist Ariel Anarbitarte.


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