Bullet Time Kinematics of explicit death

Bullet Time, Kinematics of Explicit Death

In virtual environments and in video games particularly, death is spoiled through entertainment. Mortal fate happens between those who apparently deserve it and our own lives at stake. Size privilege discusses death as a bargaining chip and learning, a form of self-study whose experience replicates the limit as a lesson.

Abraham Wald: Laika, Survival Bias, and Positive Shooting

Abraham Wald: Laika, Survival Bias, and Positive Shooting

What is the solution, Mr. Wald? The mathematician was not impatient. He had noticed immediately that the precise information they offered him left out an equally important series of data. The meeting between Wald and the naval experts consisted of observing a graph. You could understand the silhouette of a war plane in plan and on it a constellation of colored dots »

Emilio Torti - Interview with the artist in the Image Campus BLOG

Interview Emilio Torti

Emilio Torti was born in Rosario in 1952. Visual artist and teacher, both his extensive pictorial work and his disturbing drawings - a universe of inexhaustible fractals - have always occupied his most important production. Through digital post-production and technologies, derived from those same inquiries, his current work continues to go through the visual experience as a particular adventure of thought.

by Aftermath Laika