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Argentina Game Show 2017

Argentina Game Show 2017

► Image Campus in Argentina Game Show 2017

Days: 27, 28 and 29 in October.
Location: Center Costa Salguero

With activities for the whole family - in its third edition - Argentina Game Show will feature exclusive launches, numerous exhibitors, e-sports tournaments, cosplay contest, live shows, talks and workshops, space for national industrial, plus.

What are you going to find this year?
  • SW Into The Force Exhibition:strong>
    The sample of the richest universe of Star Wars more extensive and complete of the country that has received international orders brings great surprises.
    This year, all the fans of the League of Legends are getting together again. Get ready! You can not miss the opportunity to win incredible prizes.
    The Argentine Videogame Developers Association (ADVA) invites studios and entrepreneurs dedicated to the development of video games to participate in the EVA PLAY space, where they will exhibit the most recent productions of this year 2017 made for all platforms.
  • EMYTE:
    EMYTE and ADISC arrive at Argentina Game Show with the great DJMIX17 Annual Contest!
  • And much more!!!!!

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